Saturday, August 16, 2008

Roy Durman's Healing Crusade

Rev. Roy Durman is back in town again and he's a superb servant of God used mightily in the area of healing. This event is being hosted by Praise City Church, located in Cheras.

Date: 15 Aug to 17 Aug 2008 (time as listed on the left pic)

The main sanctuary upstairs was occupied but sufficient seatings have been arranged for over flowing crowd. Four additional large screens have been set-up to cater for people seated on the ground floor area.

New visitors registering at the reception area.

Healing process taking place. Yesterday night, he requested specifically for people who have breast cancer. Miraculously, after the prayer session, some tested themselves on the spot and confirmed that their lumps have gone just like that.

The front area was large enough to cater for people coming forward to seek prayers for God's healing power.

Not only the crowd in the front was there for healing, they did pray for those who were selected to be on stage that were being prayed for by Rev. Roy Durman himself.

Packed right up to the end of the sanctuary hall.

Next specific healing that was called - hernia. Various individuals have their hernia pain taken away miraculously by the power of God.

Rev. Roy Durman was addressing the crowd on God's healing power.

People joining Rev. Roy Durman in praying for the unhealthy people. Anyone could be heal in the power of Jesus' name provided you believed that He could do it.

Tonight, he has mentioned that he will be praying specifically for those who are deaf and dumb. If you knew of anyone who has this issue, please bring them along. If you want to invite someone for this event, it's still not too late by sending out this e-card invitation.

A video was compiled for this event as well and posted in YouTube -

Reading: Roy Durman in Kenya - Partners in Kenya
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow that was a lot of ppl.... were u there?? I have not been to such session before.... :)

16 August, 2008 20:04  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - pics were taken by me

17 August, 2008 01:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha Johnny, i should hv thought of tht!! :)) Hv a great week ahead ya!

18 August, 2008 10:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Jonny. I am Grace. If you know any Roy Durman's crusade in 2009, please email me at I want to go to the Roy Durman crusade.

27 March, 2009 23:05  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

grace - will take note of yr request

29 March, 2009 06:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, please let me know if there is any Roy Durman crusade 2010 anywhere in Malaysia. You can contact me at

11 April, 2010 20:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother Johny Ong, Iam pleased to inform you, may years ago Rev. Roy Durman had come to Medan, Indonesia we were together with Rev. Fries Sianturi and Rev. John Tampubolon. My name is Rev. Michael Husin Gusti from Gereja Injil - Kota Suci Yerusalem Baru, Indonesia. May God bless Brother Rev. Roy Durman's Ministry please send my Best Holy Regards to him, and I wish to be able to meet him for to share with him what God has done in our mids today.

20 February, 2011 13:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there..i like to share that Rev. Roy Durman will be in town this August 2011. Where? Praise City Church. When? Block your dates on Aug 5 & 6; 2011, 8pm and Aug 7, 2011 5pm. Cheers...God Bless!

23 June, 2011 15:11  
Anonymous margaret said...

Rev Roy Durman will be coming to Penang as follows:
19th - 20th August 2011, 8pm at Berjaya Georgetown Hotel
21st August 2011, 10.15am at Berjaya Georgetown Hotel, Penang.

Please come with your friends and loved ones and be blessed.

08 August, 2011 16:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Grace and all missed the recent Roy Durman in Praise city last weekend?

11 August, 2011 11:37  

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