Sunday, August 10, 2008

Empowerment Seminar

Just one week before I left Sudan, my fellow church mates came together for an Empowerment Seminar for the Creative Ministry members. I was in charge of games and as usual must plan torturing games ....... haha

Yeah Yeah, too bad ..... I'm arranging so no choice.

This game started with two persons locking their arms while leaning on each other's back. Next, start to stand up with the arms still locked.

As the pair is able to stand up, they have to look for the next pair who has succeeded. As with this group, there are eight persons trying to stand up together. The moral - the more the easier to stand up together. In tune with the seminar where I was trying to tell them that teamwork is important.
These are the books that were recommended to be read which will empower us in the Creative Ministry.
Group prayers.
How come I wasn't praying then? Curi ayam ke?
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Blogger missX said...

Don't play play Johnny, heheheh ;)
Anyway nice updates :D

18 August, 2008 01:45  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hey jasmine, i enjoy life and play a lot ....... must learn to balance up. time to be serious and time to play (but it seems that i play harder than being serious)

18 August, 2008 12:10  

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