Thursday, August 21, 2008


Boss said to secretary: For a week we will go abroad, so make arrangement.
Secretary make call to Husband: For a week my boss and I will be going abroad, you look after yourself.
Husband make call to secret lover: My wife is going abroad for a week, so lets spend the week together.
Secret lover make call to small boy whom she is giving private tuition: I have work for a week, so you need not come for class.
Small boy make call to his grandfather: Grandpa, for a week I don't have class 'coz my teacher is busy. Lets spend the week together.

Grandpa (the 1st boss ;) ) make call to his secretary: This week I am spending my time with my grandson. We cannot attend that meeting.
Secretary make call to her husband: This week my boss has some work, we cancelled our trip.
Husband make call to secret lover: We cannot spend this week together, my wife has cancelled her trip.
Secret lover make call to small boy whom she is giving private tuition: This week we will have class as usual.
Small boy make call to his grandfather: Grandpa, my teacher said this week I have to attend class. Sorry I can't give you company.
Grandpa make call to his secretary: Don't worry this week we will attend that meeting, so make arrangement.

How is it ????? This is called deadlock.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,

Thanks for the comment,

You are right. Actually, this is the world of second thoughts and people never come with right opinions and that is why they could not know the real meaning of someone else article.

Anyways, I have removed this article to stop the nuisance debate.

Thanks for the comment once again.



21 August, 2008 15:15  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

What goes around comes around. Funny story really.

21 August, 2008 18:08  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

news n views - phew, glad that u agreed hehehe

borneo - nobody told what they wanted

22 August, 2008 01:09  
Blogger Unknown said...

heart pain la....i hate jokes about indescretions and promiscuous spouses. slap their faces lol

but i like the agony it caused them though...

22 August, 2008 05:42  
Blogger Unknown said...

going around and around and around....
where the ending? hehe

22 August, 2008 10:11  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

haryaton - hahaha, precisely

nkw@i - hmmmm i'm also wondering, lemme ask my secretary

22 August, 2008 22:52  
Blogger Sunshine said...

ohh i was wondering how come it sounds so familiar :)

my hubby blogged about the same thing a year ago also in august wor haha

24 August, 2008 23:23  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

sunshine - maybe we went thru the same scenario in life ????

26 August, 2008 13:35  

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