Friday, August 01, 2008

Enjoying My Time in Khartoum

Even though life in Khartoum is not similar to Kuala Lumpur, there are still some breather here and there. Only way to keep entertained is to go round the city looking for some cool places to have some drinks (not alcohol term).

On Tuesday evening after work, we went to Ozone. Really cool place. Just look at those water being sprayed all over the garden. My colleague was enjoying those spray, just right behind him.

It's an al fresco cafe located at a roundabout with cars circling round and round. I'm like a bat now. Will appear publicly during sunset.

My hot chocolate drink ....... mmmmmmmm. It's 5 Sudanese Pound for that drink.
My mini fruit tart. Cost me 7 Sudanese Pound (2 Sudanese Pound = US$1.00).

The rest of the guys ordered Cinnamon on something something .... and Donut. Most of the pastries would cost about 5 Sudanese Pound.

This is one of those air-conditioned shop at Ozone where they will sell their foodstuff on take-away basis. If you were to dine-in, a waiter will serve you.

That guy on the left in this picture saw me taking this picture and came to the door telling me that I can't take any picture there. Why? I know you can't do it at the airport due to security reasons but here also?

We had checked with our Sudanese lawyer before on the reason for not allowing us to take pictures in Sudan to which he said - no such laws. But we are still careful with it.

After our drinking session, we went to a shop called PC Shop that doesn't sell PC (PC is understood as Personal Computer in short).

This shop sells Swiss penknives, jungle trekking knives, kitchen knives - Swiss Army, Victorinox and Wenger brands (all three are in the same family) / Swiss watch -Victorinox and Wenger brands / SIGG water bottle / Parker pens and another german watch (forgotten the name).

They have this wonderful giant collection, the world's largest penknife. Manufactured by Wenger.
This is the certificate stating the world record. Now, in order to use this penknife you would have to bring the object to the penknife ...... hahaha ...... defeats the purpose of having a penknife.

This is part of the penknives showroom. Back in year 2004 when I first stepped into Sudan, we were shocked to see this branded shop in Khartoum itself. The only branded stuff in the whole country.

This shop is generating good business with the many expats working in Khartoum. You don't even find such a boutique in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
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Blogger Unknown said...

knife shop? O__o....
Can i have a big big meat knife which usually used by the butcher chopping the meat? XD...

01 August, 2008 10:40  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

how am i goin to go through custom with that ........

02 August, 2008 02:04  

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