Saturday, August 02, 2008

Having Drinks at Barista

Ahhhhhhhhh ........ some better quality cafe has mushroomed in Khartoum city since Jan or Feb 08. This one is called Barista.

They have a nice menu booklet with all their drinks being listed therein. Not so much on food.

Arabic lessons for you.

More arabic lessons for you.

Some pricing for you to compare (2 Sudanese Pound = US$1.00).

The inner set-up. We were around 6pm plus so not many customers.

Nazril was trying to snap a picture of me.

We were doing a quick draw with our phone cameras.

Checking the photos taken last 24 hours.

My drink, the Oreo Shake. Goodness me, the oreo biscuits were in small chunks and thrown above the shake. Seeing those chunky oreos, I thought no oreos were blended together with the drink. Good thing they did it.

One of my colleagues' drink. Forgotten the name.

Barista is located in a bungalow building of two storey. Downstairs is the service counter where you could place your orders.
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