Sunday, August 03, 2008

Little Party in Khartoum

A local Sudanese friend came to our house to bring us to a little party hosted by his partner. On our way to Omdurman, another part of the capital city, we drove pass by this magnificent building.

The construction of this hotel is at its tail end and should be opening for business in Sept 08. There will be a mall at the hotel's lower ground too. Ownership of the hotel was said to be linked to the Libyan President's family.

The party was held for the naming of the partner's daughter. We finished the meal at the centre. Don't know how to tell what kind of food was it but we almost finished all of it.

Was it nice? Ahhhhhhhhh, can I choose not to answer in case my Sudanese friend reads my blog.
Our Sudanese friends that shared the same food.

My two colleagues, Peter and Nazril.
We were there around 11am plus and was quite surprised that the colourful cloth was very effective in providing protection from the sun ray.
The tent area where the tables and chairs were set up was on a road lane in between two houses. All the ladies were inside this two houses. Only the men were outside.
That was it, we were in that tent.
On our way back, we noticed that the Nile river has burst its bank near the bridge connecting Khartoum and Omdurman. It seems that the rainy season down south Sudan was quite heavy lately.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The food did look good though.... I wonder & u keep me wondering.... lolz

20 August, 2008 17:42  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - they dont taste fantastic but still have to eat la.

21 August, 2008 15:14  
Blogger Ezalman said...

It's unfortunate you didn't like the taste! it is quite an honor to be invited to a 'Simaiyah' or new baby celebration

If I had a craving for those dishes, there is a small home based restaurant called (by the locals) Bait asSimaiyah or 'house that sells new baby celebration dishes'(!!)

05 October, 2008 20:09  

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