Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dinner Cooked by Colleagues

Home made belacan with whatever we could get our hands on in Khartoum.

Fried brinjals with chilli paste. This was fantastic.

The best of all, the curry lamb. Wow!!! Great food there by Feri.

Our dinner. Everyone went for their second helping because of the fantastic curry lamb. What a feeling.

Hungry time right in front of the the TV.

Later in the night, both Feri and Fairuz prepared the inner fillings for curry puffs. Potatoes and some meat.

Just look at the hard work.

This was our supper. The best in Sudan.
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Blogger Unknown said...

i so hungry now (>_<)
but all look like spicy food, wont you will be too hot(in chinese) when you ate too much of spicy food?

04 August, 2008 09:45  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

over here, the weather itself is already hot coupled with such food intake, one just need to drink gallons of water to maintain the heat within body system

04 August, 2008 17:17  

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