Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Australians Are Migrating

Malaysians who wanted to migrate have listed Australia as one of the top destinations for migration. When you flip open the Star newspaper, you could see advertisements on provision of services to assist you to migrate overseas with the word 'Australia' splashed across it.

Why Australia? Knew a few friends that have migrated to Australia. Bumped into a schoolmate last year who was providing professional migration services in particular to Australia. If not mistaken, he should have migrated himself and family by now. He did tell me that I do qualify on merit and told me to try ............. yeah, he was sourcing for business at the same time. Anyway, I didn't.

Reasons for those friends that have migrated or some in the process - mainly for their children's education. Firstly, by being a resident there, the school or university fees would be much much lower than by sending them over from Malaysia as a foreign student. Of course, if your family is loaded it's not an issue at all. What's wrong with Malaysian education? You and I know very well.

Next thing people migrate would be for job opportunities. A young couple that I knew migrated owing to better work environment and of course higher salary. They are doing very well now. Malaysia is really suffering from the brain drain of professionals. All my friends who have migrated or in the process are truly professionals in their fields of work. They are bringing their experiences away from this land of Malaysia.

Just when people are migrating into Australia, not many people knew that Australians themselves are also migrating away from their land. How come?

For the record, 76,923 Australians became ex-Australians in year 2007 alone. Those who left were aged between 25 and 54. Out goes 76,923, in came 149,635 to become Australians in the same period .... hehe. I'm very sure that lots of well-to-do or professional Indonesians are flocking into Australia (heard from and verified with friends).

Do you know where did the 76,923 ex-Australians migrated to? Their top destinations were New Zealand (18.4%), United Kingdom (17.8%), USA (9.3%), Hong Kong (7.2%) and Singapore (6.4%). These top five countries have accounted for 59.1% of those who migrated.

Unfortunately, three of those countries - New Zealand, USA and Singapore - are already in recession. If you are migrating or have migrated, why?

Reading: Biggest annual exodus from Australia on record - News.com
Reading: "Weighing" Brain Drain - Education in Malaysia
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Blogger Va:L said...

hm....I am thinking of...to work else where, but not migrate.

Our living expenses is not justify with our living standard. We are paying so much, but we are not earning that much.

Yeah, we might have the quality of life, which we can afford to hire maid. But, is that a good option that to let maid to take care of the house keeping, kids, and elderly?

opss...I am too far away.
But what I wanna say is, I prefer the balance life that I can see from there. They could be lack of entertainment life, but I think that just right. We don't need so much of entertainment :P

15 October, 2008 07:57  
Blogger Unknown said...

i dont think working overseas will create a better working environment? Better salary that's for sure =D

However i will definitely be back to Malaysia. It is my country afterall. We have to make it right ;)

15 October, 2008 10:16  
Blogger foongpc said...

I don't plan to migrate. I love Malaysia too much! Every where we go, we are treated as second class citizens except Singapore, Thailand, and a few other South East Asian countries.

Tell me which country has all of the following:
1. Nice weather all year round (rain is nice weather too!)

2. Free from natural disasters eg. earthquakes, typhoons, volcano eruptions etc. (landslides and flood do occur here but it is within human control)

3. Ample, delicious, huge variety of food 24 hours a day

4. People of all races living in harmony (If not for the politicians, we would be even more harmonious!)

5. Internet access

6. Nice beaches and lovely mountain resorts

7. Friendly people who can speak in many different languages

8. Freedom to do anything we like within reason

The grass may not be greener on the other side : )

15 October, 2008 15:41  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

Kind of funny, when you think about it...

The same applies in M'sia, too. M'sians with children or are ambitious, migrate to other countries. Meanwhile, foreigners, in particular Iranians and Pakistanis are flocking to M'sia.

And I don't mean those blue-collar Iranians or Pakistanis. Rather, I am referring to those who came to M'sia and bought 10 to 50 units of properties (in one transaction) in M'sia, and then, setting up retail businesses here.

15 October, 2008 16:22  
Blogger eiling lim said...

Because people in our country are not treated well and that's why they chose to migrate to Aus. Malaysian govt has themselves to be blamed. Hey you going to Club Quattro this Fri?

15 October, 2008 18:25  
Blogger Chemhoster said...

haha...Brain drain in Malaysia again reflects the inefficiency and inequality in government.

The most important asset for a country is being exported,how should it moves forth.

Lol, recession is invading every corner. Need to keep to a tight budget! hahha...

15 October, 2008 19:06  
Blogger soulesscloudy said...

yeah lo.. y m'sian prefer AUST or NEW ZEALAND?? i think easy lo.. and nearer to m'sia..

I dont have chance to go there yet so not sure what so nice.. at this moment i still think m'sia is the best.. if no race discrimination.. hehe..

15 October, 2008 20:02  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

val - overseas posting will usually be on a higher salary skill. different people with different expectation of life will have diff level of quality of life. hard to compare on this.

as for m'sian salaries, its definitely low but on the macro side of it, m'sia is still a place considered as low investment for foreigners

irvine - it depends on each person's upbringing and their lifestyle.

i like the second sentence u have written there. u are the kind of people i wld like to know

foong - yeah, grass is not always greener on the other side. tend to have some bad spots too

blackie - diff people with diff agenda and all do hope that choices made will bear fruit later on

eiling - people with high expectation expected more to be dished out for the citizens. since u can't get it here might as well try it elsewhere

chemhoster - the govt still don't see the brain drain as an issue. maybe they think that these fellas are a lost to the private sector instead of the public sector. so, why bother

wanwan - each time u go to another country, def you'll be fascinated with what they have and start comparing. when we are there long enough, just like the australians, u may have other thots by then

15 October, 2008 22:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Referring to blackie's comment*
My ex has been in real estate all his life and according to him, all his major clients cum rich investors are from overseas. He has 1 major investor from Pakistan, bought 10 high end condos worth at least 1.5mil per unit O_o!! He has sold 80 units of expensive properties so far in 08 itself! Gosh, that makes him so rich now!!

Well, i love this country a lot. Dav's father forever dreaming of migrating to Aus (if he strikes lottery! lols).... According to him, it is for our kids future and to live in a safer country (phobia of 513? Maybe yes, coz he lives through that). I have no objection because i know he is only dreaming (as if we hv the money!). Honestly, i still prefer our country...... Why worry now? Wait till he REALLY strike lottery 1st! lol....

16 October, 2008 00:26  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - those foreigners can see the potential in m'sia but some m'sians see it other way

18 October, 2008 02:13  
Blogger Mangaranap said...

Unfortunately, three of those countries - New Zealand, USA and Singapore - are already in recession.

I wonder how you came up with the above statement. It doesn't feel like there's a recession here in Wellington, or perhaps I'm just ignorant???

18 October, 2008 17:42  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

mangaranap - nz in recession - how come u didnt know? it has been announced by the govt itself already

18 October, 2008 22:20  

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