Saturday, October 04, 2008

Farewell Dinner for a Close Friend

The only guy who was seated will be going back to his hometown in Batu Pahat. We had our dinner at Unique Fisherman located along Jalan Cheras, right across the Leisure Mall. Food was excellent. Forgotten to take pictures haha

Will definitely miss him as my team of actors / actresses will lose an outstanding fellow actor. He's absolutely fantastic with his acting talent. Could say that his uniqueness is one and only. All the best in your future venture and we will welcome you back in KL if you have other plans.

Thereafter, we decided to adjourn to another place to chit chat further. Next destination, Look Out Point at somewhere between Cheras / Ampang and Hulu Langat ...... don't know the exact location of that point but could recall how to go there.

One terrible thing about this place (and I really mean this) - it doesn't have enough parking spots. I found a car park spot after waiting for about five minutes. That was very extraordinary for me. Other cars that were behind numbering more than a dozen just have to go back downhill. If you thought of waiting for another to leave, you can wait but no guarantee.

This is the observation tower at the highest point of this hill. We climbed up the stairs and could see love birds everywhere. Big lamp posts shining everywhere hehehe

This is the view that we could see from this hill. Absolutely fantastic. This was taken with my phone camera so it was not clear. From here we could see the Petronas Twin Towers ("PTT") and Menara KL (right at the centre of the picture).

My gang bumped into another group of friends. The next day I found out that one of those guys whom I bumped into had an unpleasant event. He was setting up his digital SLR camera to take this same scenery. By the time he was ready to take the picture, PTT switched off their lightings ...... PTT went into total darkness right after midnight ....... hahaha

Doesn't mean a digital SLR would get a better picture .......... he hasn't a picture to show even with a more sophisticated camera than mine.

We went to this Gasoline Cafe to have our drinks.

I saw this funny drink concoctions .... with cartoon characters at its side. Meant for children to drink?

This cafe was one of the four cafe / restaurants found in Look Out Point and it was packed to the brim.
Tried to mimic the picture on the menu.
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Blogger Va:L said...

The bread, banana milk shake and mango milk shake are fantastic at the Arabic restaurant, which at the middle one! You have to try that next time.

04 October, 2008 07:51  
Blogger foongpc said...

Look Out Point - a nice place especially at night where you can enjoy the night scenery. Other than that, food is just so-so, and parking is horrible! If only they have more parking spaces...

04 October, 2008 10:30  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

val - saw that arabic restaurant. i tried vanilla milkshake at gasoline and it was really lousy. as if i have not taken vanilla milkshake before.

foong - the scenery is really really fantastic. i have added another paragraph on the parking issue

04 October, 2008 23:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wahhh so happening..... all the places which you have mentioned are not known to me... so pathetic la me.... Hai, better continue to rot at home..... lols...... Glad you had a great time out with friends!

06 October, 2008 23:44  
Blogger xesx said...

waaa nice dinner...

08 October, 2008 19:15  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - u can tag along when i go for meals next time

xesx - it was good but no time to take those pics of the food. busy talking

09 October, 2008 15:08  

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