Thursday, October 16, 2008

Talented Enoch Fernando

On Sunday, a talented musician from USA paid a visit to my church. Enoch Fernando's the name. Doesn't ring a bell? He serves at the Saddleback Church located at Southern California.

He is actually from East India. When he was young, someone sponsored him to study music in the USA, who bought him a grand piano to start it off when he first arrived in USA those days.

One of Enoch's piano teachers (Lazlo ............ missed out the second word) was also the piano teacher for Richard Carpenters (together with sibling Karen Carpenters formed The Carpenters).

His talents on the keyboard is so marvellous. The way he played those music pieces was so enchanting and people were fascinated. Some of those music pieces were accompanied with music videos.

He has been nominated before in the Grammy awards under the Best Instrumental for Christian Country Music ........ he was surprised on how he got under this category - country music.

This round, he stopped by at Kuala Lumpur while on his way back to East India to minister to the people who are going through tough times in the state of Orissa.

Upon the end of the service, people went straight to a counter set up for selling his CDs and DVDs. It could have pushed his music up the Christian chart on that Sunday morning.

Bought two of his, Akustic Passion and Ageless Romance.
How could I not have a picture with a person who is so filled with God's talent.
This is his wife, Rebekah Jakab Fernando. She also goes by the name of Becky Jake. She has a powerful voice that could deliver and mesmerise you with the meaning of the songs with such an ease.

Her preference - country music.

May God bless both of your ministries that are touching people's hearts all over the world.

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