Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Noisy Neighbour at Work

My latest neighbour at work is quite noisy lately. Could hear those squeky sound in each move.

He's the crane operator just outside of my window. If you think your work is stressful, boring, lonely and too routine, do remember him.

This is a posh serviced residences, called My Habitat2, that is being constructed.

I could hear those construction noise daily while doing my office work as the building under construction is just next to my office building.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh that's quite headache to bear with the noise everyday!

01 October, 2008 09:22  
Blogger Kev said...

Sheesh....all for the comfort and luxury of certain people in the city. Hope this torture ends soon so that you could work in peace... till another project comes up in the vicinity....gee.

01 October, 2008 14:47  
Blogger Hurley said...

not so bad. I have renovation going on next door. drilling and hammering..ah that sucks!

02 October, 2008 01:05  
Blogger Tammy said...

i recently moved in to a condo in sri hartamas, and all around my condo is... what u've just posted! it's so annoying. They also worked as a alarm clock, emergency street light, and some rock/metal music..

02 October, 2008 01:29  
Blogger Unknown said...

wow, these such noises make it hard to concentrate.

06 October, 2008 13:24  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

dora - irritating at times

kevin - buildings are coming up at both sides. i'm showing u this one and the other one will be up in maybe 2 yrs' time

hurley - next door? that's even worse

miu - tat's really bad. pollution as well

quachee - u can really hear those clanging and hammering sound very clearly

09 October, 2008 11:19  

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