Thursday, October 09, 2008

Condom for Goats

Not only men has to wear condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies but goats too.

The condom device, yeah a device and not the usual one that envelopes around a male specie's penis, is put in through the goat''s head and two front legs. The device is called olor by the Maasai tribe in Kenya.

This olor will prevent or make it impossible for the goats to mate. As you knew how animals mate, that olor is really an obstruction.

Reason for the usage of this condom is to prevent unwanted birth at the wrong season. As Kenya do face drought season, the herdsmen try to 'plan' the mating season so that a kid will be given birth at the right season where vegetation are plentiful for feeding purposes.

I would it's hard to control those 'hungry' male goats that roams around freely. If your goat has pregnated another female goat of that belongs to another herder, you will be fined heavily. So, implementing the olor is advisable.

As for humans, olor is useless. In order to prevent humans from mating, chastity belt will have to be used instead. I'm saying preventing here.

Reading: Goat 'condoms' save Kenyan herds - BBC News/Africa
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Blogger Va:L said...

wahhh interesting info...
never expect that

09 October, 2008 12:54  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

val - a half-baked solution which is effective

09 October, 2008 22:58  
Blogger Clarisse Teagen said...

Poor Kenyan goats :P

I wonder how their mating seasons are.. Must be very aggressive.

10 October, 2008 06:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

clarisse - wld think so otherwise they wont implement this idea. the herdsmen know better

10 October, 2008 10:16  

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