Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy Dataran Sunway Commercial Centre

Met up with a kitchen contractor, visited several shops selling housing materials and furnitures at Dataran Sunway commercial centre, Kota Damansara area, and was really surprised with the busy area. Didn't expect the place to be packed with cars and the shops available could just offer anything you needed and wanted.

As the stomach signalled its hunger for food, it was time to look for a food outlet. Saw this upbeat cafe and found it to be cooling. Need a good hideout from the hot weather.

The nearby Station 1 Cafe offers food that varies from the western dishes to oriental dishes and fusion food. It has a wide range of beverages. It's quite common to see this kind of cafe mushrooming all over Klang Valley. Apparently, this was their 18th outlet, the latest.

Price wise - reasonable for such cafe.

Kampung Style Fried Rice. Not bad lah. Same taste all over Klang Valley also.

The fried egg really looked pathetic. Would you request them to fry another one?

This was my order, the Mixed Grill. Need big portion kind of dishes to feel my stomach after the long walk all over Dataran Sunway.

The accompanying black pepper sauce was excellent. The corn was prepared with the right sweetness required.
Chicken Chop with rice. Nice mushroom sauce that comes with it.
The Deep Fried Fish Fillet. The fish was fresh and soft. It melts in your mouth (not only M&M).
The Tom Yum soup has the sour taste that comes with the spicy tinkling. As I can endure hot and spicy stuff, it didn't meet my criteria for a good tom yup soup.

There was a stage within the premise but don't know when will they have performances or was it for customers like me that whenever I feel like it, I can sing anytime.

Understood that Chervie Ho Yee Mun (sorry, don't know who she is) was supposed to perform at this outlet on 13 Oct night.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am on 1 day food fasting.... shouldn't have visited your blog today..... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......Hungryy... lol

13 October, 2008 15:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Food doesn't look very substantial. You did not mention the prices. I think we get bigger portions here e.g. the mixed grill (RM16) or the fish and chips (RM11).

13 October, 2008 19:08  
Blogger Va:L said...

hey....I was at Sunway also yesterday! Was K-ing at Red Box till 10.30pm :P

14 October, 2008 00:12  
Blogger Vortrack said...

Havent try it before but I know at night sometimes got ppl sing.

14 October, 2008 10:28  
Blogger foongpc said...

suituapui, please don't compare KL prices with East Malaysia's prices. Here it is small amount and high prices.

Anyway, johnny, the food looks delicious and I'm feeling hungry. Btw, can we sing karaoke there with the stage and all?

15 October, 2008 15:26  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - u seemed to be fasting every now and then. fast from what? hehe

suituapui - the price is quite standard .... around those prices that u have mentioned (plus minus)

val - try to catch some other time then

vortrack - shld be a good place to hang about since got music

foong - not so sure on that karaoke. first being there myself

15 October, 2008 22:21  

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