Wednesday, October 01, 2008

PCC 20th Anniversary Dinner

At last after all the preparations for the last two to three months, efforts were not in vain. The committee headed by Christy Yeong managed to gather 430 people for this grand dinner held at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort.
The youth team performed their fast dance that has a short hip hop step in between.
Our African contingent performed their songs too. Later this same group back up for our Senior Pastor's song.
One of our committee members managed to bring in this (what you call those white blown up plastic stuff) that made so much of noise that you can't hear anything else. Imagine the noise made by 430 people in a ballroom ........ deafening indeed and people of all ages actually enjoyed banging that two blown up plastic stuff.

It ended just 10.30pm and it was a memorable event while I lost out in an auction for a t-shirt signed by all our Malaysian badminton players during the Beijing Olympics. It would have been a good collection.

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