Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Japanese Food Being Recalled

We have heard of many food products being recalled especially those being produced / manufactured in China. Their QA/QC methods could be totally skipped or neglected. Long and tough road ahed for the Chinese producers / manufacturers to regain the customers' confidence and trust.

When you talk about QA/QC, the Japanese seems to be excellent in this area as their electrical goods / products are being exported worldwide. But the food aspect has its doubt now.

I'm sure many people have tried the Japanese noodles where it could be bought in almost any convenience store or supermarket. One of the famous brands is the Nissin Cup Noodles. It has been made known that Nissin Food Products Co Ltd ("Nissin Food") has recalled their 500,000 Nissin Cup Noodles in wake of detecting paradichlorobenzene, a key chemical in bug repellent.

Apparently this batch of Cup Noodles has not been exported and all of the products were being sold in Tokyo and neighbouring areas. Has Nissin Food's extensive Food Safety Research Institute has somehow failed to detect this insecticide chemical found in the Cup Noodles?

A similar food producer / manufacturer by the name of Myojo Foods Co Ltd was implicated with the food scare as well. The same kind of chemical has been detected in their products. It was noted that this company has been bought over by Nissin Food in 2007.

Reading: Japan's Nissin recalls 500,000 noodles over insecticide fears - AFP
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Blogger soulesscloudy said...

nowadays everything seem unsafe... my frenz asking me about the plastic thingy also... haihz...

29 October, 2008 19:25  
Blogger foongpc said...

I also thought Japanese had very stringent quality in their food industry? Anyway, I don't eat all these noodles in a cup. They are unhealthy, but I guess eating once in a while should not pose any problems, whether there's contamination or not.

29 October, 2008 19:30  
Blogger eiling lim said...

Oh lucky that I have not eaten this noodle before. I have seen it in many places but have yet to try. procrastination saved me!

29 October, 2008 23:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky i only like Japanese sushi & girls...

30 October, 2008 15:23  
Blogger all jazzed up said...

This was my favourite noodle when I was studying in the States cuz it's bloody cheap. Sedap oh!

30 October, 2008 15:34  
Blogger TriStupe said...

About 10 years ago, the Snow brand milk was also recalled due to some chemical in the infant formula.

goes to show that it's only human to be greedy and maximise on your profit at the expense of other.

30 October, 2008 18:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The recent news is saying that eggs from China also found to be contaminated! Gosh!...

"Happy Halloween"

30 October, 2008 23:59  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

wanwan - that cld be the cause of shorter human life span and those extraordinary diseases

foong - everyone thought so. its not encouraged to have it as part of yr daily meal tho

eiling - haha, long live to procrastination of some sort of degree????

daniel - girls????? hehe ..... we are talking abt food here

all jazzed up - oh my oh my .....

stupe - hopefully its not the greediness that caused manufacturers to forego qualities instead

dora - wondering what else is in store

03 November, 2008 11:06  

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