Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another Drama Done

Phew!!!!! Another drama down and 3 more to go. The Ladder's team put up a tremendous performance despite 90% of the team members were new to stage acting.

Personally from my observations, this Ladder team is the most hardworking team. They practised almost twice a week since October 2007. Well, hard work paid off handsomely. They were willing to listen to advice and suggestions and the props team managed to put up excellent back drops coupled with our video shootings - made the whole drama a good performance. How long was the duration? Around 38 minutes of solid performance. I think next week's drama is around this timing as well but I guarantee good production too (I can guarantee because I'm the producer lah).

Yesterday morning, a few of us rushed down to Jalan Pudu to go to a pawn shop where we gotten the joint owner to allow us to do a video recording. This scene was to show the young man's girlfriend in pawning off her expensive jewelleries in order to obtain funds to post bail for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was implicated in a corruption case that happened in his company where he kept quiet on it even though he knew about it.

It was fun at the pawn shop where we were advised not to record the shop's name or even those walk-in customers. The shop was opened and we could see people from all walks of life coming to the pawn shop to enquire on their rates for the stuff to be pawned. We were given another side of the counter and the joint owner attended to our drama's girlfriend role, played by Elizabeth.

Went back home after that and somehow the stomach was not feeling good at all throughout the whole morning. By 4pm, I went over to church for the The Ladder's full dress rehearsal. We managed to get all done by 7.45pm. Went for dinner and rushed off for another video shooting at one of the friend's bungalow house.

The scene at this house was a commit suicide scene where the main actress was to cry and tried to commit suicide but so happened a super hero long lost friend came to know about and rushed to her home. Part suspense, part comedy. It gets your head thinking on what to expect next.

You really got to see this drama, The Right Match, where we put quite a number of good video shootings, complimenting the live stage acting on next Sunday, 16 Dec 2007.
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Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Congratulations!! I wish I had your energy to get so much done!

12 December, 2007 00:30  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

its the passion that is burning deep within to see it done but most of all, it was God's strength that is pulling us thru it

13 December, 2007 11:29  

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