Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Malaysian High Commissioner Summoned in India

Of late, due to the Hindraf organised demonstration, India had to keep in touch with the happenings involving the Indian people in Malaysia.

The Malaysia's Acting High Commissioner in New Delhi, Norlin Othman, has been summoned to India's Ministry of External Affairs to explain on Malaysia government's actions lately taken on Malaysian Indians whose origins are from India. The Indian government has expressed its concern on the problems faced by the Indians.

Meanwhile, Malaysia's International Trade and Industry Minister, Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, has expressed her disgust over a derogatory article published by the Daily News & Analysis of India. The article was entitled "It’s apartheid, says poet who fled Malaysia". Rafidah Aziz was alerted about the article when she was on an official trade mission trip to New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

Certain points raised may be correct, which also depends on which point of view are you looking from also. But to mention the word "fled" was really way off. Nobody's running away from this country unless you have ran foul of the laws here.

The article was written by Sharanya Manivannan, who claimed that she was a writer, spoken word artist, dancer, painter, actress, photographer and journalist and has stayed in Malaysia for quite a number of years. She happens to be a blogger as well, under the name of Sharanya Manivannan (ya lah, her own name, not anonymous but is that her real name?)

Will the Indian government has anything to comment on the trial of 26 people alleged to be Hindraf supporters?

I hope that this issue will not blow over as it won't be good for Malaysia in the long run as India may send their naval force. All in all, I believed that Malaysia can resolve this issue provided the government is willing to listen and action on it.
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