Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back to Reality

It was a nice holiday up in Genting on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, my group of friends was supposed to meet up at 9.30am for breakfast but some only turned up at 10.30am..... so much for a relaxed holiday. Well, it was meant to be a relaxed holiday so we waited patiently for everyone.............hehe.

It was raining right from the morning and we took a slow drive up to Genting. We reached the Genting Skyways at Goh Tong Jaya around 12.45pm. By the time we parked our cars and bought cable cars' tickets, we boarded the cable cars around 1.10pm. Another 2 cars drove all the way up to the peak of Genting.

When we reached the First World Hotel, the whole hotel lobby was packed like a wet market. I got a waiting list number of 586 on the dot of 1.45pm and the registration counters were only attending to ticket number 296. Yeah, the world's biggest hotel has lots of customers too. We went to grab a bite while waiting patiently again. A good solid 2 hours wait till 3.45pm before we got our room keys. Gave out the keys to the gang and all in all, 6 families, were given rooms at 25th Floor of Tower 2.

Rested for a while and the whole gang walked around the amusement centre and those with kids brought them to whatever rides available. Mannnnnnnnnnnn, the queues were really long. Besides the children having to queue up patiently, the parents have to wait patiently for the kids to queue up and finish the rides (not 1 but many rides) .............. hahaha!

Then on the night itself, we walked up to Genting Hotel for our extravaganza buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace which cost RM48 per adult (kids half price). I think most of us were deprived of proper dinner while in Kuala Lumpur as most adults were filled up to the neck with the food intake, me included. A slow walk back to First World Hotel, which takes about 10 minutes, was a good way of increasing the metabolism rate in burning the food to generate the strength to walk back.

Went into the casino area with 2 other guys at 12 midnite for our cups of teh tarik and thick milo drinks. Drinks were free for casino patrons. All you need to do was to walk into the cafeteria and fill your cup. No questions asked. Enjoyed 4 cups during our chit chat and went back to rooms at 3am.

Nope, I don't gamble but it was fun watching those gamblers having a go at the casino bankers/dealers. Chances of you winning - 99% that you can't win against the casino. Otherwise there'll be loads of millionaires. There were some one arm bandits that we were trying to understand why those fellas like to pit their monies against it.
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