Monday, December 24, 2007

Bridge Finale

Tomorrow is the finale for the Christmas season's dramas. Got the best of the best of the actors/actresses for this drama. They are the drama veterans in my church and hopefully this comedy drama would make everyone laugh.

This drama is set in the contemporary time and the story is still there where Joseph & Mary reaches the town of Bethlehem. They tried to check into a hotel but it was fully occupied but was offered elsewhere - the luggage room ...... hehe.

Then the wisemen scene appeared (where the video was shot in Hotel Maya) followed by the shepherds who were businessmen dealing with sheep products. All in modern settings.

The Bridge Finale drama will be followed by a dance finale to cap a fine month of dramas. This dance will see the participation of the actors/actresses, props team and stage decoration team.

That's my abode up in the balcony where I usually gave commands on the lightings, sound and videos.

The singers and the songleader (sitting down with a guitar) practising their songs for the opening of the Christmas service.
Two of the ladies trying to translate the english song into mandarin language. The Christmas service tomorrow morning will be bilingual (English/Mandarin) as our chinese church will be combining with the english church.
This is the group that was practising for the dance finale. The leader, Esther Wong (in black, on stage) was our dance choreographer.
It was an easy song to follow and it required two practise sessions only (those who usually don't dance found it hard to follow the steps but they tried really hard to follow).
Resting time as this practise was done right after service, the children's dance and song practise and just before lunch .............. hehehe



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