Friday, December 14, 2007

Laptop's Harddisk Crashed!

Met a friend yesterday and he said that I must be very busy with the dramas till no time to blog the latest. I told him I was away to Genting on Monday/Tuesday and was in office on Wednesday.

The laptop started the day very slowly till I can't even load my emails. I could see 104 new emails but downloading from the server took ages. Turned it off and concentrated on my work and in between I turned the email on again but it slowed down my other softwares which I was working on.

By 3.45pm, I have completed my assignment and I went to my emails again and since it was slow, I decided to shut down the laptop. It jammed while shutting down and switching the laptop on was the real issue. Can't even read anything. Went straight to the IT Dept which said my harddisk has disappeared. Totally wiped off from the face of the earth! They asked what did I do to my laptop. Can't even detect my harddisk using whatever softwares they have.

The bad news - all my files, datas, 7GB of songs, pictures - ALL GONE! Sat at IT Dept, heartbroken. Sad. Nothing to say.

When I told my boss of the tragedy, he asked how come I didn't do any back-up. I told him my personal external harddisk of 80GB was gone 3 weeks back too, while using it in office. He kept quiet knowing that it was a real tragedy.

All my whatever files that you can think of while working in Sudan, pictures of my travels here and there (overseas and local) for the past 3 years, my Christmas drama scripts, my back-up of 7GB of songs are all gone.

On Thursday, IT Dept called me up to say that since my laptop was a goner they have gotten a new laptop for me. So happened that this new laptop was not allocated to any person yet. This is a surprise to me as an order for an office laptop may take few days as it required a number of approvals.

I got this new Dell Latitude D520 laptop now which is even more powerful than my previous one (a HP Compaq NX5000). A blessing in disguise? When I told my co-director and multimedia guy, they quickly responded by finding the next person with a laptop for our coming dramas.

But when I told them later in the day that I have received a new and more powerful laptop, the multimedia guy said all the while God wanted to provide me with a better laptop. Yeah, I told him BUT 'minus' all the datas in it.

Went for drama practise yesterday night and there was a HP Sales Manager in our midst. When I related the incident to the group, this lady friend said you must buy a HP laptop .......... hehehe. My co-director voiced out loudly saying that "His previous laptop was a HP!". So, I brought out my new Dell laptop and said "Hello, it was because of that incident, they decided to give me a Dell now" ........... she was looking for a hole to bury her face.............hahaha!

I have to start anew with everything, re-setting all the options again and re-collecting everything right from scratch, ensuring the right files are in place. Really time consuming and may not get some particular files that I wanted to keep for reference as well.

But I can tell you devil, nothing's gonna stop me from getting the Christmas dramas running at an even better performance.
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Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Odd thing I've found... if you take the HD out of the laptop and drop it about 30 cm, occasionally it works again... just long enough to get a few things off. Usually the problem is the head gets stuck onto the platter.

If it's the circuit board - you can often find another drive exactly like yours and replace the board - though these days that is more difficult I think.

I always keep my data in 2 or 3 places... because I tend to loose it - especially with kernel development.

14 December, 2007 11:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i cannot do that as the laptop was office property.

learnt a hard lesson, real hard - and will save all into CDs or DVDs

15 December, 2007 04:43  

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