Saturday, December 22, 2007

Feel Good, Feel Bad Is On

The main actress, Niki Ng, a teenage girl thinking that her parents were to strict on her and went on telling small white lies. It came to a day where she followed her best friends becoming a guest relation officer at a karaoke lounge.

One thing led to another which went beyond her comprehension of the situation.

She definitely felt good about what's going on with her friends but will she feel bad later on.

This drama will start with a contemporary dance with slick moves.
Tried capturing different dancing moves that came with different lighting colours.
The guy who is handling the lightings is Eugene Poh, who has just finished his PMR exams (a government examination for secondary school students) lately.
Personally, was satisfied with the lightings.

The dancing scene was followed by a classroom scene where the same notorious bunch was not paying attention in their class.

At the end of this drama, me and Lud (co-producer) have decided to change the script last minute and killed off someone's character and made it a crying scene owing to that. Acting the last scene which will be a sad moment with "First Love by Utada Hikaru" playing at the background will certainly make everyone cry. Yesssssssss!!! FYI, I was touched as well, no tears but felt the sad feelings being acted out. Bravo! Bravo!
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