Friday, December 21, 2007

China's Anti-Corruption Website

The China government has set-up a website where the China citizens could lodge corruption complaints/cases against government officials. That's a good step for China to fight against corruption.

An agency by the name of National Bureau of Corruption Prevention was given the green light to proceed with the new website. On the first day of operation, Monday - 17 December 2007, the website crashed tragically. Did the website crash because of virus?

The reason - the website traffic was sooooooo heavy that the server was unable to handle the traffic and it crashed. In other words, the citizens have at last found an avenue to lodge complaints and therefore, tons of complaints were submitted. The website - (in chinese language). Not surprised to hear that as I have heard about corruptions in China from friends who are conducting business there.

I bet that the same would happen in Malaysia if an online submission was opened to the Malaysian public. Maybe unable to revive that server altogether.

Reading: Anti-Corruption Website Unveiled In China - China CSR
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