Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Video Shoot at Hotel Premise

Our video shoot ventures have now taken us into a hotel premise, i.e. Hotel Maya at Jalan Ampang, located just right across the towering Petronas Twin Towers. We were there on Sunday night.
We had to write officially to them and was required to meet seven conditions prior to being allowed to do a video shoot.

One of the major ones being not allowed to show this video other than in the church premise on 25 Dec 2007 and cannot use it for commercial purpose. So, if you are interested to see what we have done, you have to visit my church on 25 Dec to view it.

We were given the group registration reception area for our video shoot.

Another condition was - video shooting to be done between 10.30pm and 3.00am. Ok, shouldn't be a problem. We were there by 11.15pm and finished the shooting by 2.00am. The bad news for this team that was there - we missed the two giant English Premier League matches on that same night. All we get was sms messages informing us of the results. There were 3 Liverpool fans, 1 Chelsea fan, 1 Arsenal fan and me being a Man Utd fan. You should have seen the 3 Liverpool fans' face when the sms messages came into our mobile phones.......hehehe

Nice bamboo trees just outside its window panes.
Saw this restaurant's table/chairs located just right beside an interior watch catchment area which is very shallow. Wondering whether any children had ran into the area????
The hotel was nicely decorated for the festive season.
As usual, they were anxious on the end results. Just can't wait to see how was their performance.
See that T-shirt which has our The Bridge logo worn by our video cameraman? Yeah, our video cameraman cum multimedia guy designed it and it was ordered by the whole drama team.

In this picture, it was a scene where the three wisemen were discussing about the direction in looking for the the newborn king.

Why were they in modern costumes? Well, I depicted this whole drama in a modern era.

With this video shoot done, we have one tiny weeny video scene left now. Phew! At last!
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