Wednesday, December 05, 2007

India to Threaten Malaysia

With the recent loud cry with demonstration from the Indian community via a non-governmental organisation called Hindraf, the land of India, located thousands of kilometres away from Malaysia, has heard the call of their sons and daughters who somehow ended in Malaysia being the 2nd to 5th generation that have resided in Malaysia.

For example, I'm the 3rd generation in my own family that has since resided in Malaysia. My grandparents from Hainan Island, China came to Malaysia when they were very young. Have never met my paternal grandpa who passed away when my dad was young.

Going back to the main topic, the Indian government wanted to meddle with the internal affairs of Malaysia with the intention of using military force to threaten the Malaysian government to treat their Indian men/women in the land of Malaysia real nice.

Wow, what a threat. The Indian government gave the reason that due to their slow reaction on the Sri Lanka scenario, it turned into full civil war and it's not easy to assist now. They don't want a repeat of Sri Lanka in the land of Malaysia. What were they thinking there?

Now, Malaysia will remain peaceful as long as India don't threaten Malaysia with military force as published in the India Daily on 30 Nov 2007. The steps that could be taken by India against Malaysia are as follows:-
* fiscal, trade and diplomatic boycott is the first step; and
* Indian Navy should be authorized to use all means including serious blockades to make the Malaysian authorities know that India will not tolerate ethnic abuse of Indians in Malaysia.

Crazy or what? Even though I don't agree fully with how the Malaysian government handled those recent demonstrations, I'm still a Bangsa Malaysia that cares for Malaysia. India, with their millions of citizens in dire poverty have not been taken care by any parties but now wants to meddle with those destitute lifes in Malaysia.
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Blogger Zendreus said...

3rd generation from Hainan Island, China? SAME HERE! =D

Anyways, you're right. Why try to solve a problem in another country when you have problems in your own home. =/

06 December, 2007 10:54  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hmmmmm maybe we are connected somewhere up in the ancestral line

06 December, 2007 11:34  

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