Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arriving at the Dubai Airport

The roads leading to the departure hall of the Dubai Airports were jammed up with cars. Moving but slow. Traffic police tried their best in controlling the traffic there.
There was a major highway construction just right in front of the airport and barricading certain part of the road doesn't help the situation. Saw the sign 'Obayashi' at the side of the under construction highway. Should be the highway's main contractor.

Checked-in through the First/Business Class hall. Even though you were not travelling in either class but you have a Skywards Silver, you would be permitted to use this check-in area.

Mine was Business Class this time after exchanging my Skywards' points for it.
Saw David Beckham's Motorola advertisement for their latest Motorola Razr models.

The really long walk again back to the terminal building which houses all departure gates.

Didn't really walk much but let the travelator did its job. A good five minutes stroll.
At last, arriving at the Sheikh Rashid Terminal.

The showcase of jewelleries.

If you buy raffles tickets at the Dubai International Airport, you could stand a chance to win this Jaguar XK8 150 Coupe. Only 1,000 of such tickets, at 500 Dirhams each, are being sold.
If you don't have 500 Dirhams then you could opt for this legendary motorcycle, Harley Davidson Road King Classic, that may cost you US$17,999 in the open market . For this, raffles tickets are being sold at 100 Dirhams each.

This is the place where I normally shop for my perfumes, ordered by friends, relatives and family members.

To my shocking discovery, there was this P9521 Porsche Design mobile phone. This model would have cost you 6,800 Dirhams (US$2,000).

The Electrical section was packed with shoppers (passengers of course) too.
The payment counters were attending to customers who bought various stuff at the food & tobacco section.

They put a lot of efforts to decorate and beautify the airport.
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Nice. Wish I was there.

30 July, 2008 08:45  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

dubai is a nice and beautiful place taking into consideration that its in the middle of a desert area

30 July, 2008 16:29  
Blogger Josh said...

You are very lucky! You are able to travel overseas alot!

30 July, 2008 22:00  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

wow. you must be really enjoying your time travelling man. travel more when you are young because when you become old, your joints and backaches won't allow you to enjoy as much!

30 July, 2008 22:15  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

josh - yeah, thank God for that.

simon - even though its sudan, i'm ok with it. got used to it by now ..... hehehe. u are very correct on that old age factor there.

01 August, 2008 04:36  
Blogger Lisa717 said...

oh gosh~ u went to DUbai??? so syok man..i wish to go there at 1 day too!!!

13 August, 2008 10:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

yeah, its nice no doubt about it. u'll be amazed with that desert city

13 August, 2008 11:50  

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