Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flew With Emirates Airlines to Sudan

Walked straight to the Emirates Business Class Lounge to relax. Upon entering, there was a man complaining that the lounge was too full and he wanted to go to the other lounge at the other end of the airport.

When I went in, it looks ok to me. Maybe his favourite sitting area was full. He walked away anyway.
This is the dessert counter which I saw first ..... slurp!!! Must take main course first. Didn't take any photos at the main dishes' counters as the food were covered and you have to lift the cover one by one in order to take the food.

I had Iranian chicken cooking style, zerach rice and beef stew. Need to replenish my body due to fever since Sunday. Continued with pasta covered fully with tomato paste .......... fantastic.

The can drinks are for you to take, no limit. Three coffee maker machines are available to quench the travellers' thirst.

Noticed this Apollinaris bottled water where it's known as the Queen of Table Waters.

Tried it and its like Perrier water, with carbonated taste. Don't really like it. Yeah, it's expensive but that doesn't mean it's nice to everyone. That's the reason why they still serve the common mineral water (with the blue cap).

Those who likes hard liquors will laugh at this spot. It's free! How come no Anglia Shandy? Please consider people like me also.

Took one of this Cornish Clotted Cream of Rodda's. Don't know what was it but it was put besides the various form of breads. Assumed it was related to butter.

Having tasted it, could attest that it has almost similar taste like butter. Why go for butter when you can try other stuff.

Will I be corny after consuming it? Better not! Sudan is a strict muslim nation.
Boarded the plane at 2.10pm, half an hour before my plane departs. The plane was supposed to depart at 2.40pm according to schedule but it didn't. Reason given by the captain was they were looking for passengers that have checked-in but have not boarded.

Looks like Emirates Airlines were not serious with their publicised statement where they will unload your bags from the airplane if you hadn't board the plane 15 minutes before departure.

How long did we wait for this invisible passengers? Solid one hour for them to locate the passengers and then decided to remove their checked-in luggage bags (16 pieces as announced). Why did Emirates Airlines took 45 minutes to make this decision? Were these missing passengers some kind of 'big shots' that have different kind of treatments?
Spacious seatings, meant for my size of course. I have told my friends before that I was born for luxury. Owing to my height, I would feel more comfortable in big saloon cars or business class seatings in airplanes. Body built for it ..... hehe

They served you with welcoming drinks upon you coming to your seat. Champagne, orange juice and apple juice were offered.

Given this a copy each of the meal's menu and wine list.

As the plane took off, we were served with assorted nuts and I ordered tomato juice and orange juice to flush down those tiny weeny bits of nuts stucked in between the teeth.

This was the appetiser. Seafood something that came with fresh fruits, garlic bread and a normal soft bread.
Then the mouth watering beef tenderloin with mashed potatoe and fresh vegies. The brown sauce that comes with it was excellent taste.
Everything ends with dessert. Chocolate mousse cake with a cup of tea. Mama mia!

Thank God for the quick recovery. Otherwise would have missed those wonderful food.
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Blogger Unknown said... good with the food that emirrates served >_<....
i mean a complete set!...
when i traveling to hannover, german by lufthanza...the meal is not complete :(....their meal wasn't nice like yours ....

31 July, 2008 08:53  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

but i was in the business class. economy class style is all served at one go ... haha

01 August, 2008 04:24  
Blogger Unknown said...

eh....yawoh, my company bought an economy class...all served at once...and definitely look bad but lucky the taste wasn't bad...Lol...

01 August, 2008 10:31  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

nkw@i - economy is like that. been travelling on economy also. this round i convert my points.

02 August, 2008 02:10  
Blogger miss critical said...

I have been flying with Emirates for 4 years and converted my skyward points last year to Business and I really do enjoy my flight with Emirates.. However one thing that I dont like about the Business class is that I never got a proper sleep coz the stewardess kept coming over to serve food and kept asking what do I need more. I felt warm at first but it eventually kind of turn me off. Other than that its really nice.. Sadly this time around I will be flying with Thai Air.. Hopefully it will be as comfortable as Emirates.. ^_^

02 August, 2008 16:44  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

this is my second time of converting it. they kept asking u on food? i thot it was during meal time when they want to make sure u have enough.

02 August, 2008 20:34  

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