Sunday, July 06, 2008

World's 2nd Tallest Building

Was on leave on Thursday and needed to go to Public Bank Berhad to settle my home loan. Sent letters to them but no response at all. Forced me to go to their branch located opposite the Petronas Twin Towers.

Now, I'm waiting for Public Bank to fully execute my loan documentation in order for the loan to be disbursed to my housing developer by 5 August 2008. Thank God that the housing developer has granted me a three months' grace period for me to settle the home loan. But Public Bank is not helping me.

Two months have passed and the loan documentation is still not fully executed. What is going on with Public Bank? One week has passed after I have requested them to update me on the status but still no news.

On Monday I'll be faxing another letter to remind them. Putting up all this letters to put up a case against them in case the housing developer penalises me for late payment.

After Public Bank, I walked over to the Petronas Twin Towers. It's still the world's second tallest building right after Taiwan's Taipei 101.

When Burj Dubai is done, the Petronas Twin Towers will drop down the ranking to number three in the world.

Headed into its base which houses the KLCC Suria shopping centre. Just need to waste a bit of time while waiting for the Archidex 08 exhibition to start at 11am to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. While in the shopping centre, I went straight to the post office in order to claim my rebate after having renewed my car's road tax two weeks ago. The thermal paper that came out from the machine reads "1062". Current number being served was 1020. Woooooooooooow! Waited for almost one hour.

All you need to do is to get a queueing number, fill in a designated form which requires your fullname / residential address / identity card number / car registration number, then wait, produce your original identity card, put your thumb print of the designated form and then the for RM625 will be handed over to you. Don't go and spend it. That's an advance payment for you to offset the hike in fuel price.

After settling the rebate, walked over to the convention centre via the underground passage. While at Archidex 08, I noticed this miniature project created by an architectural firm. Don't know whether the miniature buildings would be built or not. I have heard of this joke - Architects designed buildings where Engineers couldn't build. Don't know who's lousy in this case ..... hehe
Noticed that a number of those exhibitors were the same as those found in HomeDec '08. Nevertheless got a number of ideas in this exhibition and the total number of pamphlets that I have gotten almost broke my arm.

Another tiring day and went to Dome @ Suria KLCC to have my meal (lunch?). Good outcome anyway. Praying hard that all these housing materials' prices won't increase like mad.



Blogger Simon Ho said...

42 numbers in an hour is considered excellent service. Way better than our public services dept.

06 July, 2008 20:35  
Blogger ilovelash said...

i havent been to KLCC for 2 years already.

06 July, 2008 21:51  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

Wow, a hectic day in the big least you got your rebate. I love to watch the beautiful twin towers at night.

07 July, 2008 00:11  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

simon - i'm pretty sure that those who had taken the number found out that there are so many numbers to wait, they rather not wait.

the numbered almost jumped non-stop from 1050 to mine. In between at least 9 people were not there. 1 hr was considered very good and since i was free, i didn't mind waiting.

booppi - where have u been all this while?

jasmine - that klcc is just 3 stones' throw away from my office. late nite works allowed me to see it when i leave office.

07 July, 2008 09:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, haven't been to KLCC for a few years now. Really miss shopping in Malaysia. :(

07 July, 2008 10:07  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

m'sia's shopping centres cld match those overseas shopping centres

09 July, 2008 01:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you went to the archidex exhibition?
how was that? is it cool? heh.

10 July, 2008 19:29  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

weizz - the exhibition was ok. lots of same companies seen in earlier exhibition but some came with new products / specialised products. overall quite ok but maybe bcuz i have attended 2 other big ones in march and may

10 July, 2008 22:15  

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