Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Continuing My Sick Journey

After alighting from the airplane, will be on such travelator (initially put walkalator but corrected by my colleague) to the Dubai arrival hall to exit the airport. Long way to walk. It took me almost 10 long minutes to get out from the airport from the moment I took this photo.

As I stepped out of the airport, goodness me, it was really hot out there at 4am plus. The sweater like shirt was suddenly too thick. Anyway, I need to sweat for the sake of my fever.

Took a shuttle bus provided by the transit hotel, Millenium Airport Hotel. The bus only moved on when it was full, in a way to maximise the trip. So, if you were the first one to board, you'll wait till its full. This is the actual scenario. But when you ask the hotel representative at the arrivals hall, that man would say the shuttle bus service is every ten minutes.

Registered at the reception and got this guy who attended to me who seems to be in a constipated mood. He doesn't smile and won't look at you when he was talking to you or when I was replying. I knew it was 4am plus. But that doesn't mean you can show your tiredness. What about me? Sick but still holding on as best as I could.

Got a coupon for my light refreshment and ordered the tuna sandwich. Beverage was up to you to take - fresh milk and fresh orange were my drinks.
The restaurant was empty at that time even though it was opened for 24 hours.

They assigned me a room which took me ages to reach. Almost at the end of the hotel building on the 3rd floor. Was the hotel that packed till I was assigned this room?

With my fever still lingering around my head, it was really a big effort. The moment I saw the bed, it was nothing else in my mind.

Woke up at 10.30am and thought of going down to the same cafe for my breakfast but was late. The buffet breakfast has ended at 10.30am. They said that I could order the sandwiches again. Yucks!

Ordered chicken sandwich this. Had to eat something to fill stomach so that I could take my medicine. While having my breakfast, saw this picture in the newspaper showing the proposed development around the world's tallest building, Burj Dubai.

It's going to be a huge development.

This is the hotel reception where most Emirates Airlines' passengers will stay during their transit.

The little guidebooks to various places around Dubai city. For once, I didn't go out for a walk in the city due to my fever. Was trying to recover as much as possible for my connecting flight.

Stayed put in hotel room till 12noon before checking out at 12.20pm and took their shuttle bus service back to airport. This time I have read my flight's timing properly.

Finally, realised that I was getting back to normal.
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