Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Did The Roadblocks Served Its Purpose?

On early Monday morning, as early as 7am (I was on the road that early too), I was soooooooo puzzled as to why was the Federal Highway soooooooo empty when I came onto it from Old Klang Road. Where are the rest of the people? Was it a last minute public holiday announcement done on Sunday night which I didn't know about it?

No cars (got lah, less than two dozens of them in front of me) on the way down to city centre.

Not knowing that major traffic jams were occuring at the same time at many other places. When I reached the foodcourt, one by one of my colleagues walked in. Some of their faces were black. Later on in the office, many complained about the stupid roadblocks. Only then many people found out that there were many roadblocks being conducted at the same time which is during the peak hour.

Why were the roadblocks put up? Why weren't the public informed so that they could avoid those roads or come out earlier? Who organised those stupid roadblocks during peak hours?

Time passes by and Malaysia's Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar, came out to say that he was sorry. Sorry????? Just sorry? After causing a mayhem during peak hours and you are just sorry about it. It caused many people to be late for work, appointments, expensive petrol burning away, tempers rising amongst drivers who were not obeying traffic, queue jumpings, disorder throughout Klang Valley, businesses disrupted ....... and he was just sorry about it.

Definitely, this guy by the name of Ganesh will remember Syed Hamid for the rest of his life. The government's decision to conduct the roadblocks has caused Ganesh to be late for his CLP legal exam. By missing one paper, he has failed the whole examination.

Syed Hamid Albar has every reason to believe that there was to be a major demonstration involving the opposition parties. One probable reason for having the demonstration was due to the fact that the opposition parties tabled the no confidence motion in parliament. The government felt so insecured that they have gotten the police force at full force out on the major roads coming into the city centre.

But Lim Kit Siang and his DAP friends have denied meeting up with PKR and PAS to plan for this so called demonstration.

And it caused this terrible traffic jam. It was human made.

Right after knowing about this unfortunate event, I asked many people from morning till night. Gathered their comments as follows:-

* government is so insecured
* government is so worried
* stupid government
* police got nothing better to do
* trying to frustrate klang valley voters?
* punishing klang valley voters for letting opposition wins 10 of the 11 parliamentary seats in KL
* the public is even more pissed off with the government
* can't they (government in this case) do anything right?
* can't they block nearer the parliament area if demonstrations were to be held there?

I couldn't agree more with the person who posed the last question. Why were the roadblocks conducted throughout KL? Ok, let's say it was for safety reasons and they wanted to prevent the demonstration, did they nab anyone in that process. If nobody was arrested, it meant to say that they can't even detect any single demostrator who intended to demonstrate. If there were none, where did they hear that there was going to be a major demonstration.

What a farce they have made it out to be? The newspapers are out today blaming the opposition parties for causing all this. Come on!!!!!!! The government has made a major blunder for being to pro-active and ended up with nothing. Now, they are playing the blame game, yeah ......... blame others, don't admit.

Many people that I have came to contact with since Monday morning agreed that the government was trying to frustrate the public into believing that demonstrations will bring chaos to the nation. The government was trying to paint the picture that the public will be the one to suffer for the opposition's antics. The opposition parties are nothing and useless and will bring problems to the nation.

Do you know what? The people are now more frustrated / angry with the current government for employing the roadblocks. The plan has backfired. Please note that the people that I have asked for comments are just plain ordinary people trying to make a living.

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Blogger ilovelash said...

the time taken from my house to my office is only less than 10 minutes but i was stucked in the jam for 1.30 hours and i got question for nothing by my boss. :( damn..

15 July, 2008 22:24  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

As usual our government has poor planning in everything they intend to do.

15 July, 2008 23:16  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

yr boss also very naive one hor ... hehe. many working folks were affected

15 July, 2008 23:16  
Blogger maro^gal said...

i was stuck at the stupid jam too...!!!

19 July, 2008 00:34  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - not all lah .... hehe

marogal - just too bad for u

22 July, 2008 17:03  

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