Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Business Trip to Sudan

On Sunday noon, I have felt not right with my body. Sensing something really wrong. By late afternoon, fever set in then subsided. It attacked again around 8pm and went on and on and on till I reach Dubai (for transit).

At 10pm, my mind was so confused. The thought of not taking the trip came across my mind. My mind was so clouded with the pain in the head till I didn't realise that my flight was at 12.55am on early Monday morning. I thought I read 1.55am.

Furthermore, I only called the taxi to come to my condo at 11pm. Great. Reached the airport and was a bit surprised that the Emirates check-in counter was quite empty and by the time I wanted to request for an aisle seat, the person at the counter said it could be negative. Wow, so many had checked in and wanted aisle seat at the same time? But he made some efforts and found an aisle seat at last. Phew! Long legs ......... seated at the centre. That would have killed me.

As he passed me the boarding pass and tell me to proceed to check-in now, I realised that I was totally wrong on my flight's timing. That too I went down to Level 3 the KLIA airport to see a doctor just to grab whatever is necessary.

Having high fever and plane's living at 12.55am. At 12.20am, I'm still at the main airport building. Walked real fast to the mini-train to board my plane at the satellite building. By the time I reach the gate, plenty of people are still lining up to get in. At that point of time, my legs wanted to give way. All I want was just to sit down.

More tomorrow ..........................
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Blogger Unknown said...

555! here...
For long leg ppl....sigh...absolute no way for middle and rear seat...
most comfortable seat is the aisle seat...
aik...pity you have a high fever....

29 July, 2008 09:52  
Blogger bZbee said...

speedy recovery....GBY!!

29 July, 2008 10:19  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

nkwa@i - thankfully i got an aisle.

bzbee - having a high fever in a long flight duration was really an experience

29 July, 2008 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think i was only glad to be short when i am in the long haul flight! :D
and thank god u got it in time!

29 July, 2008 18:30  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cbenc - actually if i did realise the flight timing, i wld have been there 2 hrs earlier ..... hehe

29 July, 2008 22:29  

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