Saturday, July 05, 2008

Changes Begin With Buying Nothing

Malaysia's Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations ("FOMCA") has decided to come up with a change of lifestyle programme that will help Malaysians to counter the effects of high inflation in the country.

Of course, the present government will still say that the present rate of inflation is around 3%. How stupid is that.

FOMCA's efforts in getting Malaysians to spend wisely is much appreciated. They would be organising a "Buy Nothing Day!" on 16 July 2008.

I find this programme not useful at all. Will by not buying anything help a Malaysian to have a better life? If this programme goes through and promoted effectively, it will cause the nation's shopowners and businessowners to suffer.

Instead of not buying anything at all, FOMCA should provide guidance on spending for the right amount of stuff when required instead of buying without control.

Reading: FOMCA declares 'Buy Nothing Day' on July 16 - Star
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Blogger Lin said...

One day just doesn't accomplish anything. why the ban on shopping on one day if people are going to shop the next day, or the day before?

06 July, 2008 14:28  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...


06 July, 2008 17:29  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

i feel that this is a joke. i guess they just want to show people that they are at least doing something

06 July, 2008 20:33  
Blogger Balqiz said...

FOMC's effort is a big pfft!

07 July, 2008 15:02  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

simon - they are incurring expenses for something that won't benefit at all

balqiz - there was an effort being made but was it effective?

08 July, 2008 13:31  
Blogger Ted said...

This is a knee jerk reaction. To be seen doing something, but something I wish they will think things through...

09 July, 2008 20:18  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ted - yeah. furthermore it was publicise as if it was a grand idea nobody cld have thot of

09 July, 2008 23:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this supposed to help to reduce our domestic inflation rate that already exceeded 6%?

10 July, 2008 13:55  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tat's their intention, i presumed. otherwise what's the purpose?

10 July, 2008 14:45  

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