Monday, July 21, 2008

Buffet Dinner at Latest Recipe

Heard about the latest buffet dinner offer in the city and shoot straight to Latest Recipe restaurant located in Le Meridien hotel at KL Sentral area.

My personal chef was getting my food ready in Teppanyaki style. Excellent cooking. On the far end of the counter was the fresh and raw seafood on offer.

I got a good serving of fresh salmon with some rare octopus meat too. First time ever that I got a taste of octopus.

Shanghai noodle that comes in the special thick sweet & sour soup. Good serving.

Their Indian food counter where I whack their roti naan and whatever rotis they have there. The various curry flavours, be it with meat, prawn, fish, vegetable were fantastic. This Indian food counter took a heavy toll on my food allocation in the stomach.

The restaurant's set-up.
A buffet dinner cannot be without mussels, prawns and oysters.

This how you could be served with the desserts.
The fresh fruits counter.
The desserts' counter. Too many kinds and it was an opportunity cost situation. Eat this and you have to forego the other one.

Got myself a Teppanyaki Coconut ice-cream. Double scoop and that almost killed me ....... overloaded by then.

In the middle of the dinner, we felt that the restaurant was quite warm and one of us were sweating actually. Their air-cond was really lousy.

The other lousy thing was during the time of calling for the bill. It has to take them a good ten minutes before the bill is sent to your table and that too we asked for it twice.

Adults at RM88++ with children at half price.

In this restaurant, they would charge a kid at three years old at the price of RM44++. Hotel buffet dinners usually charge kids from the age of six onwards till twelve years old. Do you expect a kid at three years old to eat anything at all? I don't think they can swallow anything worth more than RM10. This is really overcharging and not considerate at all.

And it has to spoil our evening by not informing us that if you were to park at their basement car park, you could actually obtain a rubber stamp on your car ticket. With that rubber stamp, your car park fee would be much much lower than the RM18 that I paid for in the three hours I was in that hotel. The norm for car park fee in town in usually RM7 to RM9 but this is RM18 man.

When I told the car park attendant that I just had my dinner in Le Meridien, the car park attendant said that the restaurant should have given that rubber stamp on my car park ticket. Now, how would I know that you could obtain that ............ the restaurant's staff were not trained at all to check with customers on this area at all. Lousy.
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Blogger ilovelash said...

arhhh!!!! HATE U!!! i am drooling,. my number one and all time fav. SUSHI!

21 July, 2008 19:46  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

The food look really nice

21 July, 2008 19:57  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

haha. next time whenever you dine in a hotel and you parked your car there, be sure to ask for a stamp le. there was once i got ripped off as well

22 July, 2008 00:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

de salmon looks good but the rare octopus look a bit freakish.. reminds me of pirate of the carribean..hehehee...

22 July, 2008 09:58  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

booppi - so i know yr weak point now

borneo - the food's quite good, period

simon - maybe i took for granted. reason being that i have been to many kl hotels that dont charge that high

cbenc - see food and it recalls a movie? hehe

23 July, 2008 11:04  

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