Friday, November 28, 2008

Indian Bloggers at Mumbai Forefront

The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower in Mumbai is under sieged by terrorists from the unknown Deccan Mujahideen (what a nonsense group for whatever cause you are fighting for). The world is condemning your action and you are a coward by being fully armed going against the innocent public.

And you dare to claim responsibility? Something must have gone wrong with your brain as you grew up.

This hotel was built in 1903 and seeing it being burnt like this is a heartache.

Tried booking a room for tomorrow night at this hotel and the website is fully updated as it has stated "Note: No Rooms Available / Hotel Sold Out".

Other locations affected so far are:-
* Leopold Cafe, Colaba
* Oberoi Hotel
* Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
* Chabad Lubavitch Jewish centre
* Mazagon Dock
* Vile Parle suburb, North Mumbai

Indian bloggers based in Mumbai, e.g. Mumbai Help and Mumbai Metblogs, are gathering and putting their hands together to assist during this tragedy time. They have put up requests for blood donation and helpline numbers to check on latest updates.

CNN even used photos obtained from an Indian blogger who took photographs just seconds after Mumbai incident. Another blogger was reporting via live blogging on the incident. This is the new era of blogging.

Thank God that Malaysia is peaceful and if it does happen in Malaysia, I'm sure Malaysian bloggers are also ever ready to help.

My thoughts are with the family members of those people who have been killed / injured in Mumbai.

Reading: Tweeting the terror: How social media reacted to Mumbai - CNN
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

When I saw the hotel in newspaper, it reminds me of the parliament building at Budapest

28 November, 2008 08:24  
Blogger eiling lim said...

Whatever cause they are fighting for or for whatever reasons, the public and citizens are always the victims.

28 November, 2008 18:09  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

whatever they are fighting for,they are fighting for the wrong cause. but definitely it's amazing to see how weblogs have developed into a medium of finding information and knowledge. glad i'm in Malaysia

28 November, 2008 23:26  
Blogger acura said...

I have the same thought too. It's sad too see such a beautiful building being destroyed in this way. Malaysian politicians take note, see bloggers can be helpful in times of emergency too.

And btw, you do have great eyesight. Able to differentiate a guy from a gal from 29th floor haha

29 November, 2008 01:27  
Blogger foongpc said...

I dislike all these terrorists. All they did is make victims of innocent people. Oh, I'm so grateful Malaysia is peaceful.

29 November, 2008 01:30  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - never seen the one in budapest

eiling - yeah ... the innocent ones

simon - very wrong indeed

acura - the hotel is now badly damaged

as for the eyesight, i tried to identify by way of their dressing la .... haha

foong - thank God for the peace in m'sia

29 November, 2008 04:19  

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