Monday, November 24, 2008

Dance in Lebanese Restaurant

Went over to Assaha Traditional Village at Khartoum 2 area for drink after dinner. This is a restaurant opened by Lebanese.

It was really packed. This is one of those better place around Khartoum at the moment. Mostly expats or richer Sudanese will have their meals here. Out of a sudden, a group of Lebanese came around with drums (various) and a mouth piece instrument too (that blows like a trumpet).

No idea what celebration or occasion they were so happy about. Just enjoyed their care free dance.
I have recorded their dance in video format but somehow couldn't get the play the sound.

Lots of Lebanese expats who were eating in the restaurant joined in and clap their way throughout this group's presence amongst the diners.

No regrets in coming out for the night and we left almost after everyone has gone home at 11pm plus.



Blogger Va:L said...

Can you think of any place in KL similar with this? :P Wanna experience that

24 November, 2008 12:57  
Blogger TZ said...

Looking forward to see how the Lebanese dance.. :-)

24 November, 2008 16:12  
Blogger foongpc said...

Wah! Can enjoy dance. Will wait for the video : )

24 November, 2008 21:18  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

val - can't think of such

tz - had uploaded it but somehow can't view the video at my side (blogger video somehow blocked)

foong - done but i can't view it myself, weird

25 November, 2008 01:05  

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