Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thinking of Solid Trucks

Recent pick-up trucks launches had really got my saliva drooling. Their ruggedness is really solid and tough.

Nissan Navara, a 2.5L (A) truck, is now the most powerful amongst its competitors. It has a torque of 403Nm at 2,000 rpm and climbing hills won't be an issue at all.

It also has a nozzle turbo incorporated in its engine that runs on diesel with a 5 speed auto transmission.

Those days, trucks were targetted at construction or agriculture industries but nowadays, manufacturers are targetting personal owners who are keen on adventures trips. The interior comfort it possesses baffled car reviewers as it comes with leather seats.

Navara is the longest truck now. It may pose a problem since car park in Kuala Lumpur is quite scarce.

The vehicle specifications do show good value that you would be paying at a retail price - RM103,000 ++.

Ssangyong Actyon Sports ....... wow I really like its design but at the same time, some people scorned at its design. So, it's either you like it or you don't at all.

In terms of power, it's running on a 2.0L diesel engine with a 310Nm torque at between 1,800rpm to 2,700rpm. The pro about this engine is that it has Mercedes Benz roots.

It's built and specifications qualified the car to be categorised as a Sports SUT.

With leather/electric seats, 4-speed auto transmission and the back canopy, price will come to around RM103,000 ++ too.

The famous auto blogger, Paul Tan, has a good write up on both the Navara and Actyon trucks.
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