Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pizza as Birthday Cake

A local Sudanese guy's birthday was celebrated with him treating us to pizzas ............ told you it was their staple food.

This pizza is as big as a normal adult's office chair. Go measure it yourself. It's not from Debonairs Pizza but from one of those local pizza outlets.

No idea on what sort of pizza is this but I suspect it was with mutton meat as toppings.

Doesn't pass my quality and taste tests .... but cannot complain as the birthday boy bought for us ......... just swallow.

Towards the late afternoon after a series of meetings, we dropped by at Pullman Hotel of the Accor Groupe. This building was formerly occupied by Hilton and the change of hotel ownership took place in Jan 2008.

We wanted to find out the room rates and got to know with a special corporate account we coudl get a room with a single bed at US$180, all in. Breakfast will be at US$27.

At that room rate, I could book a suite in hotels located in Kuala Lumpur.
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

No candles on the pizza?

20 November, 2008 08:41  
Blogger TZ said...

dude, pizza is their staple food??? In Uganda, pizza is a more luxury food... :-p

20 November, 2008 09:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pizza...looked yuck, yuck, yuck...
US$180 for a single bed room without breakfast, u must be kidding! no wonder Hilton also gave up, LOL!

The World I Know

20 November, 2008 13:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm.. mutton pizza. It sounds delicious. Haha!

p.s. I only care for food, not places. XD

20 November, 2008 13:51  
Blogger acura said...

I do not know Sudanese love pizzas. And they customise it according to their local taste too

20 November, 2008 18:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - no candles haha

tz - really? there are lots of pizza outlets here but whether they are making money or not

daniel - hahaha, u cld be right on hilton

usws - i'm with u on the food

acura - oh yeah there are others which we didnt order

21 November, 2008 06:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mutton pizza? My daughter would love that! Here, we only have Pizza Hut and one other place but mostly ham. Will be posting on the latter next week.

21 November, 2008 07:00  
Blogger Va:L said...

I am hungry...

21 November, 2008 10:23  
Blogger foongpc said...

I'm surprised Sudanese loves pizza! I think I can't survive if staying there with pizzas as food almost daily! Prefer cake for my birthday : )

21 November, 2008 13:45  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

suituapui - wld say diff countries will have their signature pizzas

val - coming to sudan or hopping off to pizza hut now?

foong - it wont be pizza daily of course as there are lots of other choices but pizza outlets are at every corners here

21 November, 2008 22:34  

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