Wednesday, November 05, 2008

USA Presidential Election

Barack Osama ............. oops I mean Barack Obama ....... won the USA Presidential election (even though some places are still counting). Why did I bother with this election? Well, for one, when USA sneezes the whole world catches the flu at the same time. These are the states that Obama's camp has declared victory:-Not only the Democratic Party's presidential candidate, an Illinois senator, has won his election but the Democratic Party has won the majority votes in both the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. This will allow Obama's office to draw the political map much easier but certainly not without challenges that are awaiting them. Oh my, the Republicans are licking their wounds now and the Democractics are partying away.

Some people said that with this win, it has transcended over racial issue, that people of other races could have a chance of becoming the president of the United States of America. I'm sure some of the Malaysian politicians will harp on this point as well.

The Obama camp had to thank the virtual world in partly helping them on its course. $$ Millions were raised via the internet. During Bill Clinton's time, there were not many dedicated political linked websites ....... nowadays, you wished that you wouldn't bump into one. George Bush's era does not have many blogs or bloggers didn't realise what they can do then. Nowadays, who doesn't blogs or haven't heard of a politically linked blog. Something similar with the Malaysian scenario.

If you are an United States' citizen, care to share your viewpoint on whether this election was what the people wanted or it should have been otherwise.

What do you know .......... the Malaysian public held a mock USA election in a public forum held last Thursday in Kuala Lumpur (topic of discussion for the forum was - "US Presidential Election 2008: Race, Religion and Economics”) and Obama Barack won by a wide margin. Result was Obama 126 votes; John 16 votes.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As he mentioned before, under his presidency, he would promote 3 days weekend and also extend it globally!!! Haha, i know it is not an easy task but i shall hope and wait patiently!! But ofcoz should i be promoted to 'Housewife' position, it will no longer interest me as everyday is a weekend to me by then.... :P

05 November, 2008 15:04  
Blogger Muffin said...

Err...u call for United States' residents' a US resident toy gorila's viewpoint welcomed? :D

For me, the Democrats have always been more "balanced" in their policies. And Obama does want to spread the wealth around, which I think would help in the current economic situation.

But the overall factor I couldn't ignore was that McCain is an old, dying albino gorila while Obama is young, healthy and does not suffer from albino diseases...muahhahah!!

(Author's note: Johnny, my sincerest apologies for bringing my looniness over here. It's ok if u don't wish to allow this to be published.)

05 November, 2008 16:35  
Blogger Kev said...

Hi Johnny

I think Obama makes a better president than his predecessors. I've no specific reason for that; perhaps he's different. America wants a change, and they're giving him that chance.

How much he can do depends on what kind of people he would be working with.

Whatever it is, he has created history. Will Malaysia ever have a Chinese or Indian PM (or at least a DPM) some day? Nah, because unlike America, our political parties are raced based - sad huh?

06 November, 2008 11:48  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - 3 days???? 4 days of break. it will be good if i have the income to support the holidays then

muffin - i welcome any feedback (except for racist kind). looking forward to his plans and hope that it will stabilises the us economy first

kevin - hopefully that given chance won't be taken advantage of. as for it to happen in m'sia, it will take a longer period as the politicians here have yet to mature

06 November, 2008 13:36  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

haha, it's funny we see how obama managed to market himself. it was an awesome campaign with the ads and all. but i'm just sick of those redneck southern Republican supporters who are such racists. pfft

06 November, 2008 22:13  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

simon - yeah, he's really. i saw that tv advert and he was top class

07 November, 2008 10:49  

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