Saturday, November 29, 2008

When You Can't Afford To Buy, You Hijack It

The Somali sea pirates are showing their boldness and teasing the NATO warships which are patrolling the international water just outside of Somalia's boundary. They have powerful speedboats that even warships can't keep up with it. How in the world are the warships going to shoot at them even though they have powerful weaponary on board.

Somalia's citizens are living in poverty and going through long term civil wars between internal warlords who are fighting for supremacy of the country. Ego problem I would say. Most of the citizens can't afford simple goods in the country and a certain group of civilians decided to gather together to overcome such shortages. They started to hijack and demand ransoms. As locals won't be able to pay them, this group of people became international hijackers.

Their hijacks of ships that by pass their seawater have looted many ransoms in terms of money and are enjoying it as they have been successful all this while. They even have about thirty three T-72 Ukranian battle tanks in capture on board of MV Faina ship.

One of the latest hijack is this MV Sirius Star oil supertanker that belongs to Saudi Arabia. This supertanker is transporting two million barrels of oil that is worth up to US$150 million. Ransom was requested at US$25 million which has been reduced to US$15 million few days ago.

But this nonsense has got up the nerves of Saudi Arabia's Prince Saud Al-Faisal. In view of all this, the Prince has contacted his good friend, Peter Pan, to help out.

The Prince was convinced of Peter Pan's ability as seen in his success against Captain Hook all this while.

Peter's ability in negotiation techniques which include flying, never growing up, tricking pirates into being eaten by giant crocodiles and believing in magic will enhance his chances.

Peter has boarded the supertanker and negotiation is in the process. A picture has been emailed to Saudi Arabia's royal family as proof.

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