Thursday, November 13, 2008

Journey to Khartoum via Dubai

I can't help but to take a picture of this notice placed at a money changer's glass pane.

"Please satisfy yourself before leaving the counter, thank you, come again."

I knew what it meant, which is to count your money before you leave their place otherwise they won't entertain any claims of lesser amount given to you.

Won't name the place of this money changer. Next time if you discover it, you let me know.

Left my house at 9.40pm and arrived at the KLIA around 10.30pm and was shocked to see this crowd at the airport. Never before. Thought something went wrong somewhere.

Even the queue at the Emirates Airlines was equally bad. For this round, I get to have the Business class seat as I have upgraded it with my Skywards points. Thank you Emirates.

After checking in, I went straight to the dedicated Emirates Lounge, for my supper? dinner? whatever it is, I'm going to eat till time to board my plane. This lounge was located at the satellite building and meant for Emirates passengers only.

It has a number of tables for diners and leather chairs for people intending to have a short nap. Its food range was not extensive but enough for diners to have a good meal. The staff within the lounge were working non-stop. Clearing tables and ensuring the lounge was clean at all times.

The lounge provided a number of computer workstations for people to update their Facebook and Blogs ...... hehe.

Dinner was long gone and now for my next meal. Can't wait to try their spicy tomato soup, fried prawns, skewed beef, curry chicken and a bit of white rice. I can't do without white rice. Gossett champagne - not that nice ..... not to my taste (as if I drink lots of champagne before this).

Next, I took the small dishes of stuffed salmon, germany potatoes and turkey salad (bottom).

Just can't resist the sweet temptation of the sago with gula melaka and sweetened milk ......... slurp.

My plane was scheduled to depart at 12.30am and after watching the safety aspect of the airplane, I screened through their entertainment booklet to choose my movie.

Decided to watch The X-Files movie and Mamma Mia!

Yeah, I'm so far back in terms of watching movies. No time at all on normal days.

Of course, during this moment, they will serve drinks and titbits. I saw Moet & Chandon champagne on their list and since I knew its one of the most expensive, why not this time. Noticed that they opened up the bottle just for me.

While sipping the champagne and munching the peanuts, I enjoyed the movies.

About one hour plus into the flight, they served sandwiches. I took a bit ............... one of each is a bit lah.

There was this (clockwise) strawberry fruit tart, roast chicken breast placed on french loaf, a tiny chocolate cake, grilled vegetables on wholemeal bread and a camembert cheese with cream cheese rosette on brown bread.

About four hours into the flight, I was served breakfast? Was it? When you fly over different time zones, you'll be wondering which meal. As long there is food placed in front of me, I know what to do. There was croissant bread (don't know how to describe but it was very tasty not bland like a bread). Bread was unlimited and it came in various types. It came with fresh fruits, a yoghurt, cup of fresh orange juice and a tiny weeny honey in glass container.

I ordered the poached egg meal and it was really feeling, comes with german big sausage, potatoes with cheese at the base. Too much fat? Don't normally eat like this. I had been eating non-stop since dinner time at home and this was the fourth meal within twelve hours.
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Hey, you off flying somewhere again! Nice food been served though

14 November, 2008 10:13  
Blogger SamSeiko said...

are those movies licensed to the airline to show? =\ and you sure have a lot of meals, airplane food is always more than in-house meal =D don't worry about fat because you travel sure walk a lot :P it burns

14 November, 2008 12:39  
Blogger TZ said...

Dude, i wanted to upgrade myself to Business Class too... so good! So, did u fall asleep while watching Mama Mia... I did when i came back from Africa :-p

BTW, what kind of satisfactory the counter will provide ? hehehe ...

14 November, 2008 15:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only the fuel burns elitevillain! XD

Uhh, that's alooot of food. Free kah? OMG, now i have a craving for all that salmon and sandwiches and baked patatoes and champagne (XD)!

p.s. Is there such a thing as nice champagne? Alcoholic but tastes like fruit juice? Minum sampai mabuk? XP
p.s.p.s. Now i know another reason why you didn't wanna become an accountant/auditor.

14 November, 2008 15:36  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

Awwh...I'm drooling over all the food, and I just had my dinner!! What a pig I am. :P

14 November, 2008 20:01  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - flew and arrived already

elite - u mean u wanted to know whether it was licensed??? never thot of the fattiness .... haha

tz - i cant sleep in a plane, that's the bad part of me. satisfy?? hehehehe

usws - LOL on the fuel ..... of course free la. it will cost me a bomb if required to pay

its just taste that u wld like .... doesnt mean when its expensive, it wld suit yr taste

blackie - well, i took 4 meals within 12 hrs

14 November, 2008 23:45  
Blogger foongpc said...

Looks like you are enjoying your food and movies and your flight! The food looks delicious! : )

15 November, 2008 01:46  
Blogger bZbee said...

just curious...have you not gained any weight since your trips to Dubai??? from your previous post..the food sounds so fantastic and healthy...

15 November, 2008 08:05  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - better enjoy to the max before i suffer at the final destination

bzbee - ahhhhhhhh got plans to burn it already in the next few days

16 November, 2008 05:40  
Blogger Va:L said...

ha ha ....seems good ma....
Hey How's the Mama Mia! ? I love it!
I love the Abba's songs.

16 November, 2008 11:07  
Blogger SamSeiko said...

@johnny : yeah i mean are those movies just released in cinema licensed to the airline to air it?

16 November, 2008 15:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

val - its a good movie and i like the songs ..... long time didnt hear it already

elite - shld have been licensed

16 November, 2008 17:59  
Blogger Kelvin Sim said...

hey nice post

29 November, 2008 23:27  

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