Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Leadership Summit in Seremban

Two weekends ago, during the Deepavali holidays, I was in Seremban attending a leadership summit.

My identification card plus the programme book that has the various speakers' outlines and for you to write notes.

The musicians, with the keyboardist and drummer from my church, the rest were their good friends.
Dancers from the Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia presented us with two dance numbers. Fantastic movements. Made me itch and the thought of me doing it ain't hard ........

The second day of the summit ended around 5pm plus and four of us in one car decided to hunt for the infamous Seremban Siew Pow. We went round and round the small Seremban town but can't seem to see it. Last resort, called friends who originated from Seremban to locate the shop. Found one behind the Maybank branch but it has sold all their siew pows for the day.

Called our friend again and he said that there's one more near the toll exit. This is a real challenge but the signboard directing us to it was big enough even though it was across the road.

Finally we saw it. This shop frontage is actually facing the North-South Highway.

I got Seremban origin fellas questioning me why do I like. Some of them don't purposely go out of the way even though it was located in their own town. Out of town people reacts differently, I supposed.

They have various food products and the fillings for the siew pow could be chicken or pork. It was already late afternoon and I think we were getting the sort of leftovers.

Got myself a box of siew pows and two different kinds of honeycomb biscuits (sak khe ma in cantonese and if you decipher that three words or can't understand, sorry lah. FYI, it's my favourite).

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Blogger Hazel said...

oh, just make me wanna eat the siew pau..i think is not available in Malacca

05 November, 2008 13:49  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i didnt hunt for siew pau in malacca. once in malacca, i will think of baba/nyonya food already

06 November, 2008 09:58  

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