Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dinner - La Pergola Khartoum

It was late in the afternoon where I was relaxing at my residential garden and saw some bees flying around.

Followed them to the garden fixture and was wondering what the bees were going after on this garden fixture.

Don't see any food or some leftovers being thrown there.

Later on the same day's night time, we decided to pamper ourselves a bit by going over to La Pergola at Riyadh area. About 5 minutes drive.

First time for me (not my the other 3 colleagues). The place was packed with many foreigners and local Sudanese too. The local Sudanese people have found such places to be of good value and with nice environment / setting for a nice peaceful dinner.

We sat at the outdoor area as cool winter wind (presumably from the Mediterranean Sea) was still blowing in Khartoum.

I ordered the veal emance that came with a large serving of mashed potatoes. Fantastic gravy for the veal which was hot. Cost me 26 Sudanese Dinar (2 Sudanese Dinar = US$1).

One colleague ordered this fish fillet that came with fries ..... I think it was 23 Sudanese Dinar.

This was the Grilled Tenderloin Beef ....... a bit too 'grilled' hehehehe. Came with the mashed potatoes too. Also about 20++.

Another said he was on diet and ordered a sliced beef with salad (something like that) but I found the serving quite big too. So much for the diet.

All in all, our bill came up to 115 Sudanese Dinar. In KL, we could have ordered double of everything with that sort of pricing. But this is Khartoum, just bear with it. If we kept counting the figures, we won't get to have dinner at all.

The external building was erected with their signboard with green background lighting. Just can't miss it when you pass by this road.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe there's honey@the garden fixture so the bees like sticking there! Yeah the food looks simple but cost quite a lot.

15 March, 2009 17:38  
Blogger soulesscloudy said...

wow... 2 dinar = USD 1??? that's a really expensive meal lo...

15 March, 2009 21:08  
Blogger ronin1770 said...

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16 March, 2009 00:16  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

dora - that fixture is dirty la. cost of living is high over here

wanwan - yeah, unbelievable

ronin - wow, u do travel a lot

16 March, 2009 04:35  

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