Monday, March 30, 2009

Difference between KFC - IFC - HFC

I'm sure many of you have seen, been to and dined at KFC or Kentucky Friend Chicken wherever it exists. Personally, I like KFC too.

When we were wandering around Khartoum for good meals, we try to eat something that we have not been there for quite some time. Normally that "some time" is only about few days hahahaha .......... because not many places that you can dine here.

At Amarat area, we saw this very familiar signage that caught our attention. It was KFC !!!! Our favourite fast food restaurant. We made a u-turn back to the front of the restaurant and to our disappointment, it was IFC - Ivory Fried Chiecken ....... so close to KFC.

Since we were already there, might as well try it out.

This tree's branches managed to outgrow its main tree trunk was there right in the centre of the open seating area of this IFC (note, not KFC).

The three of us ordered the set of nine pieces of chicken (5 original, 4 spicy ... yeah they have this sort of choices too). Three small cups off coleslaw, a plate of french fries and some bread. It comes with tomato ketchup, no chilli sauce.

Gave my thumb down for this fried chicken. The moment I tried to hold on to the chicken while trying to bite it, the first layer of fried flour gave way ....... it broke into pieces.

The same goes for the other two pieces that I ate.

The hungry hands going for their dinner. We paid 40 Sudanese Dinar for this meal (2 Sudanese Dinar = US$1.00). Not worth it for such quality.

Enough pictures, need to eat before it disappears.

During one of those days, we were travelling around the city in doing our usual stuff and saw this new outlet ............. KFC ..... we saw it! we found it!

We were on our way back to office and decided to try it for our dinner.

To our horror, it was another let down ...... HFC ...... can't they use any other alphabets ah

Already there ...... don't want to waste time and went in for our meal. That's the counter where you order your meals.

Their colourful seatings.

Nine pieces again, with french fries, coleslaw served on a plate, four pieces of buns, one litre of pepsi and a plate of homos (not that ........ i know what you are thinking there).

This meal cost us 53 Sudanese Dinar.

I like this fried chicken as it was almost the original KFC back home. Marvellous!!! Better than nothing man when you are stucked in this place.

This is Homos. Fattening food ordered by my colleague. This outlet's homos is not nice at all. The yellow coloured stuff is olive oil with some peas mixed with it. How do you eat it? You dip the bun into it and scooped up the homos serving.

This is HFC, not KFC, originates from Egypt. HFC stands for ????? H...... Fried Chicken. The alphabet stood for a name which the Egyptian owner told us but can't recall the arabic name now. Operates on similar franchise scheme.

Where are you KFC????
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Blogger foongpc said...

Wow! IFC and HFC? How creative! Haha!

30 March, 2009 23:41  
Blogger bZbee said...

pity 2nd bro , whenever he touched down in KK...he'll surely go find the 24 hours KFC...cos after living for a years in Milan..there's no KFC there only..BK...LOL..then when he goes back...OOO man i love KFC..the difference between KK and p'sular chicken are however very obvious..dunno why but when i have my piece in taste weird..and some more..Iced lemon tea in kk are freshly made not pre made from a come to KK...taste yummier chicken..LOL...

31 March, 2009 06:56  
Blogger Ted said...

No KFC? Aiyo kesian nyer you...wan me to courier some over? I like KFC too...esp cheesy wedges

31 March, 2009 10:13  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

What an eye opener

31 March, 2009 17:36  
Blogger WanWan said...

wow.... look familiar yet it is not.. hehehe..

31 March, 2009 20:23  
Blogger T T Tan said...

Makes me want to rush to the nearest KFC near my home to grab some bites! :)

02 April, 2009 01:45  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - good la they all

bzbee - are u sure its more tastier in kk?

ted - courier from a nearby country ..... m'sia too far hehe

borneo - imagine how big are our eyes here

wanwan - that's why its ifc and hfc hahaha

tt tan - what abt me?

02 April, 2009 03:49  
Anonymous NrD said...

it's name is hamada fried chicken(HFC) and the food is really like the original kfc !!!
and the owner was saying that he is having 25 more branches in jordan!!
and the owner is not from EGYPT!!
he is from palestine!!!

28 June, 2011 23:36  

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