Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hectic Work Week

At long last I get to post. Was bogged down with office work for the last two weeks till my brain was restless when back home. In the end, didn't blog about anything at night while enjoying and relaxing in front of the TV. Really needed the rest. Was rushing various documents that were required for my upcoming trip to Sudan. Done all and emailed over to colleague in Khartoum for him to print.

Thanks to the Citibank credit card that I could have complimentary access to the Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA. Otherwise you may need to pay RM88 for two hours usage. Inside here you have a wide range of magazines (local/international), four desktop of which I'm occupying one of them but limited, out of courtesy to other passengers, to twenty minutes only. Have to type really fast now.

I can't wait to dive into the buffet area ..... haven't seen what's being served today but usually I'm not fussy with food ...... slurp!

Flight is at 2.10am and touchdown around 5.25am at Dubai. Dubai should be hot now as summer is approaching. Will stay put in Millenium Airport Hotel. Wondering whether should I venture out after breakfast. Normally will go to one particular shopping centre, Deira it is. Or should I sleep in and skip breakfast. Or take breakfast and sleep again before waking up to have lunch ........ all provided by hotel.

Flight to Dubai is at 3.00pm, what a long transit time. Will wander around the Terminal 3 this time to see what kind of shops they have there. That's really an international airport ......... superbly packed to the brim at all areas. KLIA? Majority of the shops will close by midnight and very empty.

Expected to arrive at 6.25pm in Khartoum. That's 11.25pm KL time. Almost 24 hours from KL house to Khartoum house. Hello Khartoum guys, don't forget to fetch me and don't let me wait too long in the open ..... you know I know lah.




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