Thursday, March 12, 2009

Overseas Restaurant in Khartoum

Just when you thought that Overseas Restaurant is found in Kuala Lumpur only, we found another one in Khartoum itself too.

It's chinese food ........... minus the pork ingredient favourably used by chinese in cooking their dishes. This restaurant is halal.

The main entrance is being renovated (covered on the left).

We were in chinese restaurant so chinese tea it is.

The owner himself is a Malaysian chinese. Quite a large Malaysian contingent in Khartoum and he knows people from every single Malaysian companies.

He's very good in his PR skills. Highly entertained by him that night.

This is a VIP room. It has a flat screen TV with karaoke sets in place. If you want to organise a small function, this is the place (no, I don't get paid for this indirect advertisement).

Where are the pictures for the food? Too hungry and ate my food up. Only realised it when everybody has almost finished their food. Another day!

I ordered the special Hokkien Mee (egg noodles). My three colleagues ordered Sambal Chicken Rice, Chilli Chicken Rice and Dried Chilli Chicken Rice, typical Malaysian style.
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Blogger soulesscloudy said...

this is same OVERSEAS restaurant at m'sia?? open another branch at so foreign country.. wow.. i can say

13 March, 2009 22:49  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

wanwan - the owner said that everyone's (most of the expected clients) overseas so he named it overseas.

14 March, 2009 05:21  
Blogger Shane Subramaniam said...


My name is shane, I am a malaysian too, based in Amarat.

Some have told me about this restaurant but they always cannpt re-call where is it.

Could you share the address with me?

04 June, 2009 20:07  

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