Monday, March 09, 2009

Interesting Stuff to See in Dubai

The Dubai International Airport Terminal 3's main foyer upon entering the airport building. The floor is so shiny that you could see the notice boards being reflected clearly on the flooring.

First time seeing such a facility. If your notebook was out of battery, you could recharge at this little counter set up for you with power points.

The complexity of their lift system. Two lift carriages moved at the same time. It could easily carry up to twenty people per lift.

This is the most expensive malt whisky that I have seen in the Dubai duty free shop. The Dalmore will cost you Dhs 7,200 or US$2,000 per bottle. I'm sure there are buyers, otherwise they wouldn't have produce and sell it.

Will you?

A nice little garden set in the middle of the airport ...... the greeny feeling.
This is really a unique scene. The huge glass covering the airport building surely requires some professional cleaners to keep it clean throughout the year. And so happened, it was during my trip.
Six 'spidermans' with safety gadgets hanging all over the place to ensure the cleaners' safety.
That's my plane to Sudan. Still thinking of whether to set my feet onto it .... hehe
Almost every single departure gate was occupied.



Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Good facilities available here for travellers.

09 March, 2009 09:35  
Blogger Jorge said...

Maybe I should try 'The Dalmore' to make myself sleepy next time! lol

09 March, 2009 10:40  
Blogger foongpc said...

OMG! So expensive - the malt whisky. Of course I won't dream of buying it, even if I have the money! With that amount, I can go for a nice holiday already! : )

09 March, 2009 15:13  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - impressive indeed

franch - ok ok, lemme know how effective it is then hehe

foong - yeah yeah, it's not only a nice holiday but a great holiday with that money

13 March, 2009 03:50  
Blogger mknace unlimited said...

really nice

31 March, 2009 20:49  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

mknace - was good opportunity

01 April, 2009 03:15  

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