Friday, March 27, 2009

How To Protect Your Passwords?

People are very innovative as frauds are happening at almost every corner of our lifes. In ensuring that your passwords are not 'stolen', various steps could be implemented as shown in the following pictures:-



Blogger Ai Shiang said...

Are these for real? Over here, from the news, people of eastern europe are skimming people ATM cards (luckily 5 were caught) and stole lots of money. The skimming devices were installed right at the ATM machines. It might be great if we could cover up our passwords when we withdraw some money just like the ones in your pictures :o)

27 March, 2009 08:03  
Blogger Kay Leaf said...


So geng~!!!

But the one cover head, hands and laptop one... from far people tot is Alien. wakakakakka.

27 March, 2009 10:38  
Anonymous marccus said...

Haha XD

This is funny XD

27 March, 2009 11:32  
Blogger bZbee said...

why to this certain extend??? gila already??

27 March, 2009 15:50  
Blogger foongpc said...

Are you serious? Haha! : )

27 March, 2009 23:01  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

Muahahaha! I love this whether it was hoax or real. I need a good laugh.

28 March, 2009 13:57  
Blogger Life Ramblings said...

hoohoohaha, i strongly believe that this method is unacceptable to many ppl.

cyber thieves had a method to uncode and crack into the system. there seems to be no stop to it.

28 March, 2009 16:22  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ai shiang - those computer geniuses cld still detect yr passwords if they really want to do so

kay - interested to get one then?

marccus - those people took it seriously hehe

bzbee - they are not as brave as u

foong - lol .... what do u think

twilight - at times we just need to relax

life ramblings - some people will just buy it if it was on sale (ladies esp) hehe

29 March, 2009 05:55  
Blogger metalpanda said...

wow, this is... impressive~!! hahahahaaha

18 April, 2009 19:27  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

metalpanda - got u thinking into getting one too?

18 April, 2009 21:11  

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