Sunday, March 29, 2009

Latest Piping Technology

The Domestic Engineers would definitely be interested with this latest piping technology.

People asked me "Who are the Domestic Engineers?" .............. housewives. They worked in their domestic comfort but they know every single details of the family, household and related stuff ... just like an engineer.
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Blogger Twilight Zone said...

A pipe attached to the genitals? LOL. That was so moronic to tie the poor kid. I hope that was just for show only....

30 March, 2009 00:02  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

yeah,kids at that age tend to move a lot and this is total abuse

30 March, 2009 00:36  
Blogger T T Tan said...

very interesting indeed! I do not think this device can work 100% though..

30 March, 2009 03:18  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tt tan - u tested it?

02 April, 2009 03:07  
Blogger T T Tan said...

Of course not Johnny,I dun have this technology yet :) But kids tend to be hyperactive,so cannot 100% aim so accurate one ;)

02 April, 2009 23:17  
Anonymous Kenneth Lee said...

LOL, interesting. Maybe I'm gonna use that one my kid some day. :D

19 April, 2009 18:54  

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