Friday, May 16, 2008

Boycotting the Malaysian Newspapers

The People's Alliance or Pakatan Rakyat (in Malay language) who is ruling 5+1 states in Malaysia is calling for an immediate boycott of two national newspapers.

The Council of Chief Ministers of the five states are calling the Malaysian citizens to start a boycott of Utusan Malaysia and Mingguan Malaysia (Sunday edition of Utusan Malaysia) of which both are Malay medium.

Reasons for the boycott:-
* the newspapers went overboard and unprofessional including bias reporting and continued to paint a different picture of the actual situation of happenings in each of the five states and also against the People's Alliance

* purposely highlight and continued to 'explode' issues in order to incite Malaysian citizens' anger against the five states and the opposisiton political parties and for trying to raise sensitive racial issues

With the above reasons, the Council is requesting all departments and institutions in the five states being ruled by the People's Alliance to stop buying this two newspapers and stop all advertising arrangements too.
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Blogger EliteVillain said...

WOW! So this really world end up bias although this already happened few years back(from the year i had been forced to read up newspaper), kinda slow for everyone to boycott now =|

19 May, 2008 18:43  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i would say better late than never applies here

19 May, 2008 18:48  
Anonymous usws said...

This is getting real troublesome, ain't it? Sort of expect this to worsen when they lost those states, they'll every method (clean or dirty) to 'earn' back their votes. What i didn't expect though is that they're so open about boycotting it. Now i'm just waiting for exciting things to happen (eg. someone in charge of those newspapers to kena). XD


19 May, 2008 20:07  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

coming to 3 mths post election and each day will generate even more greater surprises

21 May, 2008 22:59  

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