Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

Another themed party???? Organised by Nuffnang again? Just when I thought that the Nuffnang Pyjamas Party was hard enough, they have thought of a wild' animal themed party now.

The upcoming party will be called Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging which looks totally different. Doesn't mean that I'm going for the party as Nuffnang will chose only 100 fellas to enjoy the party. How come Modesto's is so small only? Can fit in 100 fellas only? What about the rest?

This time round, we will have Maxis Broadband as the official sponsor. What is Maxis Broadband doing sponsoring this event? It seems that laptops and internet connections will be set-up for bloggers to blog about the event 'live' from the happening place. It goes in line with Maxis Broadband's current promotion of the Wild Maxis USB Modem.

During the event, you could take a weird / funny / exposed picture and post it into your blog immediately. No one could stop you from publishing on the spot. Could feel like a politician blogger (Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua) who blogs 'live' from inside the parliament.

Now we are seeing top night spots are lining up to host such fantastic events. Modesto's (the one found in Sri Hartamas) will host the event for the night.

As for the animal theme, maybe they are looking for party animals instead ........ but I'm very sure that they are looking forward to us wearing those animal costumes. It's clearly stated Dress Code - Animal theme (Anything and everything animal will do. Wah lau eh. What about those costumes then? Handmade type? Rent it? Steal it?

On the spot, I could think of those kids' animal costumes from the barnyard such as chicken, rooster, pig (better not as this may trigger political upheaval amongst the politicians in the parliament later on) and cow. Or I it could be the animals that I have seen in a safari; for example, lion, tiger or giraffe (thought of this just because I'm tall).

Is a dinosaur considered an animal?

May need to ask the organiser (yeah, lots of questions each time a party is being called), can I just wear a face mask of a horse? Or must I wear a full horse costume? Then, partygoers may not get to see who I am just like those masquerade parties. Better still as seeing my real face may put them off too. Will remain 'faceless' then.

In that case I may come in this horse costume. Maybe I can get another lady blogger to be my partner too. Both of us could win the Best Animal Costumes (for both sexes) that comes with a Dell XPS M1330 laptop each.

If I find any other bloggers coming in this costume or anything similar on the same night, I'm going to go 'wild' against that blogger. Beware!
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Blogger Robb said...

u can wear anything! but i think the dinosaur costume is so cute! haha

28 May, 2008 11:04  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

with robb telling me that, can i assumed that i have been selected as one of the 100???? hehe

28 May, 2008 11:39  
Blogger KY said...

don't be naked again robb!

28 May, 2008 11:59  
Anonymous Dora said...

Lets try wearing like those in Madagascar! U wear-in Alex or Marty then I'll wear like Gloria, kekeke...!

28 May, 2008 18:27  
Blogger ku E said...

hie there!

tqsm for the visit. i am posting this soon too, hoping for a place there ;)

28 May, 2008 23:48  
Blogger sooclara said...

wahh..banyak orang so excited about this partyyy!! yay..i wanna go, tapi kena parted by south china sea..

have fun in choosing yr costume and best of luck in winning the laptop!!

29 May, 2008 11:28  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ky - u'll never know what's in robb's mind this time

dora - have u blogged abt the event or not?

ku e - great giant step by blogging abt it first. hopefully we get the tickets

clara - so sorry to hear that. if u get it, u can send the ticket to a peninsula based friend. sharing is caring? hehehe

30 May, 2008 15:12  
Blogger Lena T said...

Wow, your costume thing is one of a kind. If Robb likes it, you'll probably have a high chance of getting an invitation. Best of luck! Just let me know if u r 1 of those lucky fellas.

16 June, 2008 21:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously wat to wear? muz be an animal? or can dress normally? u knoe any costume rental plc? summore animal one~~ wtf

18 June, 2008 21:02  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lena - hahaha, i got the invitation at last. a bit last minute and now have to think of what to wear.

chubby - well, u can wear a tshirt that has animals' pictures / wear something that almost replicate an animal / wear a cap which has animal head or body.

i know of a costume rental company. u sure u want it?

18 June, 2008 23:40  

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