Friday, May 09, 2008

Certified Toilet Cleaner in Malaysia

Yes, the title that you have read is correct and the Malaysian government will implement this scheme that will see all food outlets having a staff that has been trained or certified by a recognised institution.

Of course this staff (could be one or two, depending on respective food outlet's budget), would specialise in ensuring that the toilet is kept clean according to the authority rules and regulations. In this case, the authority should be the Housing and Local Government Ministry since they were the one that suggested this scheme. I'm sure this Ministry will have plenty of vacancies for such "toilet inspector" running all over the country inspecting toilets.

During inspection, I'm sure the specialised toilet staff must be present to note whatever comments given by the Ministry staff. Maybe such jobs could be outsourced to a recognised company to do such inspection.

Imagine that a small coffeeshop being manned by an old couple with one or two foreign maids assisting them. Who would be sent for the prestigious training? Many coffeeshops in Kuala Lumpur has only one miserable toilet which could measure by 6feet(l) x 3feet(w). And a specialised toilet staff must be sent for training just to maintain the toilet's cleanliness.

Would understand if a food court that has a seating capacity for hundreds of people may require such specialised toilet staff due to frequent usage of the toilet by customers.

Next question is who would be the recognised institutions? Wow, the word institution sounds very big and professional. Soon, the trainees would be given the title of professional toilet cleaners. Suddenly, trainers specialising in toilet cleaning is in such a big demand. What criteria or qualification such trainers must possess before they could call themselves as certified trainer? Must the trainer have a minimum number of years specialising in toilet cleaning too?

What would be the cost for such training? Can you quantify it? Should a small coffeeshop that has a toilet size of 6feet x 3feet pay the same training fees for their staff as compared to a hotel staff coming from Shangri-La Hotel (chose this owing to its size and prestige) which has numerous gigantic toilets all over the hotel premise?

Sooner or later, a call could be even made compulsory where only recognised companies must be hired to clean all toilets found in all food outlets. I won't be surprised.

I'm not mocking people who clean toilet for a living but the issue is the way the government wanted to implement such an idea for the whole nation without much thought being put into it. Don't they think properly before they mumble something in public?

Malaysia Boleh!

Reading: Ministry wants clean loos at all food outlets - Star
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